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March 21, 2022

Doin' the Tally two-step

Tallahassee dance day

Well, the team is back to another dance day here in Tally. While the weather would have nice for a bike ride, we can't do both on the same day, so we've opted to dance again. 

This morning we did a grocery run then Don downloaded the tax software he'd purchased in order to begin that project. The rest of the afternoon I relaxed on the patio with a book and trying to stay out of his way. He's already discovered a hiccup with one of our banks not sending us the 1099's from last year. They're not even available on-line. Very annoying as it will now take a phone call to get sorted out!

After dinner, we went back to the Legion for the dance where we managed to have a good time despite Don complaining about sore legs from our ride. Mine felt fine but we still called it an early night as we want to do more dancing this week. 

A cool 1957 vintage Airstream sharing the campground with our new 2021 version. Notice the arched door. This era also had more aluminum ribs on the tops of the front and rear of the trailer.
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Here's a view of the other side. Very unusual windows. These trailers were not only narrower side to side but also not as tall inside as ours. This was the second vintage one we've seen camped here. The other was a 1964 version that the owners had totally gutted and renovated inside and out. They had done some interesting things like install a painted oval cattle tank that serves as a bath tub! We don't have room for a tub - just a shower stall.
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