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March 22, 2022

Do it big, do it right and do it with style

Tallahassee dance day

It was another nice morning here in Tally but gusty winds moved in later as a storm front began to make its way slowly into the region. We both had a fairly productive day doing lots of 'spring cleaning' around our silver home.  

Don worked hard on my bike, cleaning the rust off of my chain and then lubing it. I hadn't ridden it for a while but even so, this will have to be done more often on both bikes now that we're in a humid/rainy climate. We do have a rain cover that fits over the bikes while they're parked at a site which helps to keep the seats dry but doesn't stop the moisture from coming off the ground. 

Indoors I did lots of deep cleaning while Don vacuumed the filters on our air conditioners. We just learned about doing that maintenance while watching a recent on-line video. There's always something new to learn about our trailer!

Some of our large Amazon order came in today which was nice. Staying in one location for awhile allowed us time to resupply and purchase lots of things, including a few fun items like some flickering torch lights for our patio. 

We also made the calls we needed to do to get the necessary documents for filing our taxes. Luckily we could get them e-mailed to us which actually was done not long after the calls. Don was then able to get going on the taxes. 

So we didn't travel anywhere today and after dinner, headed back to the Legion for the big band's St. Patrick's day dance. Another great night in Tally and one last chance to wear our green!

It's Christmas in Tally! The first of our Amazon order came today.
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Don had been wanting some of these flicker torch lights to go around our patio mat and he found them on Amazon.
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The Legion is located on Lake Ella which has a population of Canadian geese as well as this colorful variety. (Bill just informed me that these are Muscovy Ducks!)
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Bill ShaneyfeltMuscovy ducks.
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1 month ago
marilyn swettHuh - well that's a new one for me, thanks!
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1 month ago
This house is near the Legion and its roof always makes me shake my head in amazement. Truly in the South, if you stand still in one spot for too long, SOMETHING is bound to grow on you!
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