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March 23, 2022

Every storm runs out of rain while every night turns into day

Tallahassee off day

What a wet crappy soggy day! Rain moved in overnight and it continued for most of the day. I guess the plus was that we weren't bike touring in it and had a dry trailer to hang out in. 

Don did the final work on our taxes and got them filed. Later in the evening, he received the e-mails that they were accepted. Yea!!! That job was done and now he can relax. 

I mostly read, did some surfing on the web and kept my feet up. The ankle I'd sprained last fall had flared up and was quite painful. So I iced it and used pain cream on it. The muscles in my lower legs were tight and also ached so I had Don massage them. I guess all the hilly riding and dancing I've been doing has caught up to me! Hopefully all will be back to normal soon.

The rain stopped for awhile this evening and we went out for dinner at a local seafood restaurant that I had researched on-line. It looked like good food that was reasonably priced and even had a senior menu! Plus some folks we met at the dances had recommended it. 

We got there early and were seated right away as it wasn't very busy. I could see that this place was built more like a diner or family restaurant rather than a fancy place.

As part of our seafood dining adventures, we tried mussels as the appetizer while I had flounder and Don ordered the gator tail. Even though our entrees were off the senior menu, both came with WAY too much food. Usually senior menus have a smaller serving. 

Neither of us had ever eaten mussels. These were cooked in a butter sauce which was much too rich for me. I also didn't care for their taste. But Don thought they were good so he ate most of them. 

Then came the entrees. Both of us liked the gator tail, but it was fried so I had to scrape off all of the breading as I can't tolerate fried food. My flounder was a disappointment - too fishy tasting and oily for me even though it was supposed to be grilled. Maybe they pan fried it? I wouldn't order it again.

Both of our meals came with multiple sides - cheese grits (bland and not too my taste either - Don had to put hot sauce on them), I had ordered green beans and expected some nice fresh beans but these seemed like canned beans cooked with bacon. I also don't eat bacon so I only managed a few bites. 

The best item on my plate was the rice and some baked potato that Don shared with me. Suffice to say that the overly rich food immediately upset my digestive system and I went home with a queasy stomach. I'm used to eating much healthier meals off of our grill.

Overall, the meal was so disappointing after all of the outstanding seafood we've had at other places. There are a few other places in town that we may try on another day and hopefully the food will better suit my system.

These mussels in scampi butter looked good but were too rich for me.
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Our entrees tonight - grilled flounder for me and fried gator tail for Don. Both came with cheese grits and hush puppies. We both liked the gator but wish it had been prepared another way.
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