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March 24, 2022

Keep calm and keep on shagging

Tallahassee dance day

It was yet another soggy day here with rain falling off and on until evening. We didn't do much except research possible places to visit as we move up the east coast. 

With many of the states so close together it's hard not to consider doing some "state bagging" with the trailer. I don't know when we'll get back to some of these areas in the future since they're so far from Colorado, but you never know where this wanderlust will take us! 

But my mind got overloaded with trying to find decent biking, dancing and then camping spots, let alone historical sights to see. So I gave it up and went back to reading my book.

This evening we went to a Carolina Shag class. Shag is a dance that originated in the 1930's and 40's along the Atlantic Coast in South Carolina and is done to blues, swing music. It was known as 'beach dancing' since much of it was done on the beach.

It's somewhat similar to swing but has smoother, less bouncy footwork and takes up a much smaller space on the floor. It's also been designated the state dance of South Carolina. There are lots of shag clubs throughout the South and if we can get the basics down, we'll have options for dancing other than ballroom. 

The class was fun and we were able to pick up quite a bit of the various steps. We hope to get in another class next week before we move on. 

We've seen this pretty lily type of flower on our recent rides.
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Bill ShaneyfeltMight be Florida swamp-lily.
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1 month ago
marilyn swettConsidering that we've only seen this next to a swampy area, you're probably correct.
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1 month ago
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