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March 25, 2022

Don't moose with me

Tallahassee dance day

It was back to clear skies and sunshine this morning which we were both happy to see. Two days of rain were a bit much. 

We spent much of the day drying out, and cleaning up after all of the wet mess both out on the patio and inside Tango. Even though we were taking off our shoes every time we came in, it was hard not to track in debris. 

Don set up our awnings again (he'd taken them down because of the strong wind gusts) and I emptied out the wet seed from our bird feeders. We've only had cardinals, but they are pretty regular visitors, often coming several times a day so I thought they deserved fresh, dry food!

Don did our laundry then ran a few errands while I sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather. This evening we went to the Moose lodge to dance. It was fun and we managed to get in a lot of dancing, but there were more people there tonight so the floor and tables were more crowded. I'm still really uncomfortable around lots of people, especially when no one wears a mask here. 

I was happy that my sore foot was fine and didn't give me any problems. Hopefully I'll be able to bike this weekend since it's supposed to be nice. Our time here in Tally is going quickly and we only have set aside a few more days that we can bike.

I think they got a bit carried away with the moose theme at the lodge!
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