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March 18, 2022

Making the moose out of life

Tallahassee dance day

Boy, when they said it was going to be foggy this morning, they were bang on the money! It was like pea soup when I peeked out our windows.

It took several hours for the fog to clear and the sun to appear so we just hung out inside, fooling around on our computers. We had thought we might go dancing tonight since the forecast was for more rain later, but try as I might, I couldn't located anything workable for us - even when I moved the venues an hour's drive away from Tallahassee. 

There's a large university here so nightclubs attracting students didn't seem comfortable for us older folks. One dance studio offered a practice dance, but that didn't start until 9 pm - WAY too late for us! The Elks lodge here didn't have anything going on and so it went, on and on. I searched in Panama City, and even went as far as Thomasville, Bainbridge and Valdosta,Georgia. 

Don didn't feel like biking and with gusty winds along with a rain forecast, I wasn't inclined to want to bike on my own. But I wanted to get exercise somehow.

Finally Don thought to email a contact with the local ballroom dance group to see if she had any suggestions. And YEA!, she came back with an offer to get us into to the local Moose lodge. You have to be an invited guest of a member in order to enter the facility which is just like the Elk's. We had been told they have live music on Fridays and a decent sized dance floor. 

At 7, we drove over to the lodge in a driving rain and met our contact -  Lolita - at the door. There were a lot of cars in the parking lot and we hoped it wasn't overly busy. But it appeared that they also had bingo going on with most of the crowd going to that in another part of the building.

The dancing was held in the lounge and we were happy to see that it wasn't too crowded. We got settled at a table, ordered some drinks and got ready to dance. There were a number of people we recognized from the Legion dances. Lolita told us this place, along with the Legion were the prime dancing venues for the ballroom group. 

It was a fun evening and the floor was decent sized for a bar. We got in a lot of dancing, although the band just played a lot of swing/country. But it was good music and we enjoyed ourselves. 

When the band took a break before their third set, we called it a night. But we were in for a surprise when we opened the front door to POURING rain! And we had left the umbrella in the truck as the rain earlier had stopped once we got to the lodge. 

We decided to wait a bit and see if it cleared up, so we visited some more with Lolita. After about 20 minutes, we peeked out again and saw that the heavy stuff had stopped. Time to head home. 

This place looks like a good place to come to on Fridays so we hope to be able to attend again.

Check out the flashy shoes on this guy at the Moose! They changed colors as he danced.
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There were moose everywhere at the Moose lodge - pictures on the walls and this fun decor in the men's restroom.
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These cocoons are in lots of the trees around here but I don't know what's inside - maybe a moth?
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Bill ShaneyfeltTent caterpillars.
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1 month ago
marilyn swettThanks Bill - I wondered if that caterpillar made these cocoons. Some are quite large.
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1 month ago
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