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May 11, 2022

Good vibrations

North Myrtle Beach beach and dance day

The kids were having fun in the water, but I didn't see any adults out there!
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The Grand Stand looking south toward Myrtle Beach. Lots of tall hotels and condo buildings.
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These little water birds were busy scurrying through the surf. Plovers?
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Bill ShaneyfeltSome kind of sandpiper, I think.
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1 week ago
Quite appropriate today!
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I was bummed to wake up this morning and see that it was still windy. I wonder if it blows all the time along this coast but there is a low circling off-shore that's causing the wind. It will also be bringing in rain at the end of the week. At least the sun was out and it was warmer than yesterday. 

Rather than fight the wind on a ride, Don suggested that we go to the beach and do some shelling. Then tonight we could return to Fat Harold's for more dancing. That sounded like a good plan, so after breakfast, we headed over to the ocean where we located a public parking lot with beach access. It was cheap to park - $1.00 per hour. 

On the beach, we found lots of people out sunning themselves, walking and of course shelling. You can always tell who they are as they assume of the position of head down as they walk. 

The sand was very hard and Don commented that he thought that we could have ridden the tandem on it. We did see a fat tire trike while we were out. That would be fun to ride and no falling over!

There was wind, but it wasn't too bad as we strolled along, picking up a shell here and there. Unfortunately, we didn't find any nifty ones like a welk. I think the best time would be after this weekend's storm when the tide was going out. But we'll be gone by then. Oh well. 

I had fun, except when the incoming surf caught me as I was poking into the wet sand and soaked my shoes! But after a couple of hours, I came home with a bag full of shells.

This evening we went back to the "Fat Man" to dance. Tonight they were having a live remote broadcast of 94.9 - the shag radio station. The music started at 6 and we got there at about 6:30, thinking that we'd be early enough to find a parking spot in the bar's small lot. 

We found only one spot still open and Don had a heck of a time squeezing into it. But he persevered and with my help, using his trailering skills, he was finally successful. 

Inside we found a zoo! What a difference from yesterday's quiet bar. We managed to snag one last table and got ready to boogie. 

The music was good and despite the crowded floor, we were able to dance several shags, along with other dances. By the end of the evening, I think we could say we're finally getting the hang of this dance! 

But after a couple of hours, our feet told us they'd had enough, so we headed home. As the bar has music every night, we have 2 more opportunities to dance before we leave.

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