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May 12, 2022

It's wine o'clock somewhere

North Myrtle Beach fun day

Wind - it should be a 4-letter word. Oh, already is! 

It was already overcast and blowing a gale outside at 6, and according to the weather gurus, that's the way the entire day was going to go. Sigh.....I'd hoped to get in a bike ride today, but that clearly wasn't going to happen. The forecast also called for rain later on. 

So we opted for plan B which was to go do some fun things and maybe dance tonight if Don feels up for it. His foot still bothers him off and on, so you never can tell until the last minute. 

After breakfast, we drove to a dance shoe store nearby. Don needed some new loafer style dance shoes as the ones he brought with him are a little tight to dance in. I'd looked at the store's web site on-line and saw that they carried some cool looking 2-tone penny loafers for men that were also on sale. So I talked him into taking a look  while we're here. 

Don liked the shoes and after trying them on, thought they would be very comfortable to dance in, so he bought them along with a shag sticker for our door. They store had some nice ladies dance shoes, but they weren't in the style that fit my feet and were also kind of expensive, so I didn't end up with anything. 

We went back home and after lunch continued onto our next fun activity - visiting the Duplin Winery retail outlet. The actual vineyard is in Roseville, SC but the store was just down the street from us. Very convenient!

It was pretty busy at the store with a group playing music on the patio. We decided to pay for a wine tasting (no freebies here!) and see if we liked any of their wines. The reason I had wanted to check them out was that they made wine from muscadine grapes and seemed to specialize in sweet wines. Right up our alley. 

They had 3 different tasting areas and it was a coordinated event as the guy moved through 10 different wines. He said that Duplin was the largest muscadine winery in the world. Hmmm..........we've been at the world's largest muscadine vineyard in Georgia and now the largest muscadine winery. 

We found that we both really liked several of the sweeter wines. Part of the tasting included a full glass of wine of any variety, so we each selected a different one to share and found some open seats on the front deck. 

It was sprinkling a little, and it was nice to sit undercover while we enjoyed the view of a lake across the street in front of us as we sipped our wine. But boy! I should have passed on the glass because the wine was pretty high in alcohol and I was feeling no pain when we left!

On our way out, we picked out several bottles of wine to bring home, along with a couple of stickers for our door and a really cool wine bottle holder. It's made of metal and sculpted to look like a couple dancing.  Appropriate don't you think?!

The rest of the day, we stayed home and listened to the wind blow while it rained off and on. As it wasn't a nice day to grill, we decided to go out to eat dinner at a local bbq place. It had good reviews and had a wide menu.

Well, I don't know what it is about our meals while on this trip, but it seems like every time we have an exceptional  meal, be it seafood or bbq, it's been very difficult to hard to find a another place that measures up. 

I ordered a bowl of their Brunswick stew and a salad, while Don selected a plate with pulled pork, brisket and sides. I found their stew lacking in flavor compared to the other one I'd had on James Island. You could tell that the vegetables in it were just a frozen mix with no potatoes added. Don said the brisket was dry and it was only helped by one of their sauces. 

My side salad was supposed to be a spring mix but it was nothing but iceberg lettuce, a few tomatoes, cucumber and shredded cheese on top. The sides were also not very good. The baked beans tasted like canned pork and beans while the potato salad was just a commercially pre-made one. At least the mac and cheese was better as it's made in house. 

Overall, we were quite disappointed in the meal and won't be back again. What was equally frustrating was that Don was feeling tired now and his foot ached so he didn't want to dance tonight. 

The rest of the evening we just hung out at home reading and watching TV. But I did get a nice sunset picture when the rain stopped and clouds cleared. 

Check out the cool swing/shag shoes that Don bought!
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We got this sticker at the shoe store. The clerk told us that the nautical flags spell out the word 'shag'.
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This is my shell haul that I got on North Myrtle Beach. Nothing special.
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At the winery we just HAD to buy this wine bottle holder that was sculpted to look like a couple dancing. It also works to hold my rose bouquet. If you like sweet wine - their Scuppernong Blush is really tasty.
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The rain stopped this evening and the clouds cleared enough to get a nice sunset picture. The Intercoastal Waterway is just on the other side of the airport's runway before you get to those big homes.
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