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May 13, 2022

Last day in paradise

North Myrtle Beach fun day

I couldn't believe my eyes when I got up this morning - NO wind! And no rain either. What a change from the last few days and not exactly what the weather guys had been predicting. 

It was also warm out and would have been a good day to do a bike ride. But we've got lots of chores to do before we leave town tomorrow. Don did say that he might feel like dancing tonight so I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

Overall, it was a pretty unexciting day - laundry, unhooking lines, packing - you know the drill by now. But at 4, Don said that he was up for dancing. Yea!

So we had an early dinner at home and headed back to Fat Harold's. The DJ music started at 6 and we wanted to be there early in order to find a spot in their small lot.

We discovered that the bar was not very busy, so we easily found a parking spot along with snagging a table near the dance floor. I don't know where all the people were, but it wasn't here. 

In fact, the entire time we were there, it was pretty quiet which made dancing pleasant as we had lots of room on the floor. At 7, they opened up the bar in the other room which had a smaller dance floor. There was another DJ spinning the tunes for those people. But we chose to stay where we were on the big floor. 

We had a great night and did a lot of dancing - some shag along with other types. The ladies sitting next to us even complimented us on our shag. I had commented that we were just beginners but they said that no, we were intermediate shaggers. Wow! That was really nice! But maybe that was because the classes we took in Tallahassee were intermediate ones so the steps we learned were more advanced. We just appreciated the pat on the back from some locals. 

Don wore out after a couple of hours, so we called it a night and before heading home, went for a walk along Main St. It was a really warm evening, and lots of people were out eating ice cream, drinking huge glasses of margaritas and just enjoying the area. 

We stopped into a souvenier/beach wear store and I talked Don into buying a tropical shirt with flamingos on it that he can wear to casual dress dances. Then it was back to the trailer and bed. 

For those of you following us, we'll be off-grid for the next 5 days and probably won't be posting any entries to the journal. So don't worry about not hearing from us. 

Tomorrow night we go to a Harvest Host place near Virginia Beach that produces and sells Virginia peanuts. On Sunday we'll be staying on a farm in Maryland with an Airstream host. After that, it's a surprise! 

This license plate says it all!
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