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January 7, 2022

Forget your troubles and dance

Tucson dance day #1

As the sun rose over the mountains this morning we were serenaded by the coyotes singing the dawn chorus. It's sure nice not to be camped right in the city. But we're a little higher up here at the base of the Catalinas so the temperatures are usually cooler than down in the valley. 

I could sure tell I pushed the ride yesterday as I had achy legs and a sore ankle. So I basically did nothing today as I wanted to be good for dancing tonight. I just kicked back, iced my foot and read my book for the most part, enjoying the sunshine.

We were able to get caught up with the journal (you can now go back to previous days and look at some pictures we put in). After it warmed up, Don spent several hours cleaning the insides and outsides of our windows. Tango really sparkled after his detailing work! Then we got out the clippers and gave each other hair cuts. 

Later in the afternoon, some friends of ours who were staying in the area stopped by for a quick visit. It was nice to see Mike and Teresa as we've all kept to ourselves in Denver the past 2 years. One of these days I would love to get back to hosting dinner parties for all of our friends. Bah Covid!!

After dinner, we got cleaned up and dressed for our night out. We were heading for one of the dance studios we danced at last year. 

For whatever reason, it wasn't very busy tonight with only about 20 people in attendance. That just left more room on the floor for us! But it was a little distracting as one mother had brought her 2 young daughters. They were old enough to participate in the class and mostly behaved themselves. However, one of the instructors also brought her much younger daughter who ran around on the floor as everyone was dancing. It's hard enough to try to avoid other adults but a crazy kid wasn't something we had ever experienced!

My sprained ankle felt good and we got in plenty of dances but still didn't stay too late. We've got another dance to go to tomorrow night!

The clouds this morning really picked up the color.
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I think this is some type of hedgehog cactus?
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Bill ShaneyfeltYes, hedgehog for sure, possibly pink-flower hedgehog fits best of the species said to be in that area.
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7 months ago
marilyn swettThanks Bill. I would love to be in this area when all of these cactus are blooming.
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7 months ago
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