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January 6, 2022

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Tucson ride take 1

Boy, it was so cold this morning that there was frost on our bikes' seats! 31 degrees! I had to dig out my stocking hat when I walked over to the bathhouse. 

Since it was obviously going to be awhile before we could ride, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and watched the birds visiting our feeders. Then we drove to Walmart and did some restocking. 

By the time we got back it was nearly noon, and Don announced that he would rather not do a ride today as he had quite a few things he needed to do in camp and on his computer. That was fine with me. I was itching to get out and get some exercise! 

It took him a little while to put on the pedals and lube/clean my chain so by the time I left it was almost 1:30. But it was a sunny day and 70 degrees out - a great day for a ride!

I decided to do an easy ride today so headed for the La Canada wash trail. My goal was 20 miles - out 10 and back 10. 

The trail was busy today. I saw 6 trikes, 2 tandems, lots of road bikes and e-bikes. As I was wondering why we don't seem to see 2 wheeled recumbents down here, one passed me. It was a Ryan Vanguard - long wheel base with underseat steering. Not a common bike for sure!

One thing I've noticed on these trails is that most people that I pass are quite friendly - walkers and bikers. They usually say good afternoon or hello. That's quite different from the Denver trails where hardly anyone calls out a greeting, let alone announce they're passing you.

I enjoyed the ride as I cruised downhill, scanning the trees and bushes next to me. I was hoping to see some interesting birds - maybe a Cooper's hawk or Vermillion Flycatcher. But other than a couple of hummingbirds that buzzed by me there weren't many birds to be seen. Although I could hear plenty singing away in the wash. 

When I reached the 10 mile point, I turned around and headed back. Uphill this time, so it took a bit more effort. Ugh! That sure slowed me down! 

A nearby bench looked like a good break spot so I stopped to stretch and eat my apple. It was so warm by now that I even took off my jacket. 

I had a nice boost when I passed a couple walking. The guy called out "way to go"! I assume he meant that I wasn't riding an e-bike and using pure leg muscle to power me up the hill. I know that many folks need them in order to continue biking but I'm happy that I'm not in that category yet. Maybe someday. 

By about 4 pm, I reached the spur trail that went under Oracle Rd to access the state park. I wasn't sure if the mud that Scott had documented the other day would still be there. When I left earlier, I had ridden the road that went into a shopping center to get to a spot where I could get on the trail. 

Well, I have to report that the mud was totally cleaned up! Wow - they work fast down here! 

It took no time at all to get back to our campsite - 21 miles in the bank which isn't too bad considering that I hadn't ridden my bike since November. Don had put out the awning and was snoozing over a book in his lounge chair. 

It had been a good ride, but my sprained ankle had been complaining a bit on the last part of the ride. Especially when I pushed to come uphill on the underpasses. Guess it's not fully healed yet, even after 2 months. Sigh...... Guess I'll be going back using an ankle support on all bike rides.

Back home, I changed clothes and collapsed for a bit until Don had dinner cooked. Tonight was grilled steak with veggies and potatoes - yum!!

Sunrise on the Catalinas is always so pretty!
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This graffiti on a wall along the trail looked more like a mural.
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I couldn't believe that I caught this male Phainopepla!
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Today's ride: 21 miles (34 km)
Total: 1,671 miles (2,689 km)

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Scott AndersonYou’re right about the friendliness of the people on the bike paths here. My theory is that they’re all pinching themselves at their good luck at being here instead of back home in the snow and rain.
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7 months ago
marilyn swettTo Scott AndersonYou're likely correct about that. Sure glad we're not back in the NE. Even a little rain now and then is more tolerable than snow and negative temperatures.
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7 months ago