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January 8, 2022

Feel the beat

Tucson dance day #2

What a change in the weather! I walked out of the trailer before dawn this morning and it was already 58 degrees. That's a 20 degree difference from the past few days. It was also a bit windy so Don had to take the big awning down. 

Since we were going dancing again tonight we didn't do a bike ride. Other than running an errand at ACE hardware and a quick visit to Goodwill, we didn't go anywhere. Just hung around camp, chatting with our fellow RV'ers as they walked by us. 

After dinner, we headed over to another dance studio for their evening class and dance. As with the place we went to last night, it was lightly attended. Good for us, but we wondered why? Covid concerns maybe? 

We mostly just watched the class and did pick up some new moves. The dance itself was fun but the music they selected to play tonight was a bit weird as a lot of it was more current. Both of us had a hard time picking out the beat in some of the songs and neither of us did our best. 

We were seated near the DJ booth and mentioned the music to the young woman handling the computer, and she replied that "well, the 20 somethings can dance a cha cha to this one".  That may be, but we're not "20 somethings" and prefer more traditional music!

But we still managed to get in lots of dancing and overall enjoyed the evening. Hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to get Garfield out for a spin.

Another colorful sunrise over the mountains!
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I saw this spider on the outside of our truck. Not sure what type it was but it was yellow and quite small.
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Bill ShaneyfeltCrab spider.

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marilyn swettThanks Bill!
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