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January 19, 2022

Attack of the golf carts!

Mesa fun day #3

Another day in paradise! At least it was sunny and warmer today which felt good. The pool users were out in force playing water volleyball and just sunbathing. 

We didn't do much but still managed to fill up the day. This morning we went over to a Verizon store to purchase a device called a Mifi that creates a 5 g hotspot (rather than using our phone) and is supposed to provide faster internet which we desperately need. It's been so frustrating not getting e-mails or downloading pictures, let along doing research on the internet. It was a pricey purchase but we don't have much choice. 

From there we stopped at a couple of thrift stores where we both found some nice things. 

Then it was back home for a few hours until we had to get ready for our evening at the Sun City Elks. We're attending their Wednesday dinner/dance. 

It was an hour drive but we had fun and did a lot of dancing. The band was decent, although it played mostly country and 70's classic rock. We still managed to wear out our feet and didn't still stay long. Don was also able to get us tickets to their charity ball next weekend. It's another fancy dress dance and he'll be able to wear his new black tux! 

I sure wish this Elks was a bit closer to us as the long drive is tiring, but we couldn't find any camping spots closer than in Mesa. Oh well, it is what it is! 

I told Don I wanted one of these! It's called a "Royal Ride" and even had individual fans. Just the thing to carry your yoga mat to class. I'd say that at least half of the residents here own golf carts as the community is quite large. You could walk or ride your bike, but these carts are more convenient, especially if you are carrying things like laundry.
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Even the cactus plants need a hat to stay warm in the winter!
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I think this might be an organ pipe cactus?
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Bill ShaneyfeltMaybe, but it looks a bit small for organ pipe. Just guessing stems are about 4-5 inches thick vs about 6 for organ pipe.

Maybe some import from Central or South America. That's the problem with garden cacti, unless one is an expert, it is really difficult to say. Some varieties look almost identical, and need either locality or genetic info. to tell them apart.
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4 months ago
marilyn swettThanks, for checking. I wasn't sure as we've never been to Organ Pipe NM to see organ pipe cactus in the wild.
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4 months ago
Tonight we danced at the Sun City Elks to Cheri and the Pacemakers. This unlikely couple were really dancing up a storm!
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