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the journey

a cycling adventure from Ireland to Spain.

By Sean Kane
86 days between Aug. 1, 2011 and Oct. 25, 2011
Welcome To The Machine. heart 2
Introduction. heart 1
A strange encounter with a woman in black. heart 1

United Kingdom.

Scottish Borders and the North of England.

First Day Blues. heart 1
Through Midgets, Rain and Fairweather. heart 0
Moffitt to Kielder Forest. heart 0
Kielder forest to Hexham. heart 0
Hexham to near Stanhope-upon-Weirdale. heart 0
Paradise Lost in a Storm. heart 0
Teesdale to Wensleydale: Uphill and Down Dale. heart 0
Bluesy Monday from Castle Bolton to Grassington. heart 0
On the trail of the Brontes: Grassington to Glossop. heart 0

The North West. (England)

Out of sorts heart 0
Meandering in pleasant countryside. heart 0
Not Connected. Wimslow into North Wales. heart 0
Meeting Nick and Veronica in their Upside Down House. heart 0

The Welsh Borders.

I expect you'll need new tyres bo-yo. heart 0
New Invention of What? heart 0
Into and About Hereford. heart 0

The English West Country.

The Crazy Guys are on the path. heart 0
Raining all Day in Bath. heart 0
He touck up with the wrang woo-man so he did! heart 1
It's a Jolly good Ride. Near Minehead and over Exmoor way. heart 0
Car Boot Sales and Thatcher's Children. heart 0
Hiding in Cornwall. heart 0
the English journey Ends in Plymouth. heart 0



"the journey" Continues to Brittany. heart 0
They can't make it here any more. heart 0
A Swish of Air and Whirling Hiss. heart 0
The Green Route. heart 0
Spoiling my Utopia. heart 0
What's better? ("ferme apres midi" Or "ferme a Lundi") heart 0
Don't Worry. Be Happy. heart 0
Tout Direction. (The way onward from Rennes.) heart 0

The Loire Valley.

In a forest, a basket seller, indecision on the edge of town, a high speed train and a highway. heart 0
Short night's sleep, early start, on the bridge, unknown roads, Chateau Chambord, feeling thirsty and Mister Muscle. heart 0
The Changing light. heart 0
Supper and another day over. heart 0

The Massif Central.

Injoying the View. heart 0
Envisaged sheer misery to delightful reality. heart 0
What to write and where to begin. heart 0
Sending him up. heart 0
Cycle-touring with hydraulic brakes: doh!!! heart 0


The Strange Incident of the Horse in the Night. heart 0
Money Matters and babbling on on my day around Avignon. heart 0
That happy buzz. heart 0
Get out and pass go. (The malaise of the busy urban landscape.) heart 0

Languedoc Midi-Pyrenees

When Words Fail... heart 0
White van white heat and good wine. heart 0
Carcassonne. heart 0
Another day off.. heart 0
Switzerland to South Africa. heart 0
Andorre. heart 0



Big Country. heart 0
Observations of Maurizio's morning. heart 0
A Milestone of Sorts. heart 0
Right out of Spaghetti Western. heart 0
Monday: they used to call it wash day. heart 0
An early stop. heart 0

Castilla La Mancha-Valencia.

Once upon a time porridge.... heart 0
Yes I didn't shower this morning. heart 0
The unfavourable side of solo cycle-touring. heart 0
Towards the South meeting the Desert coming North. heart 0
Murcia stopover. heart 0


Not quite Walking on Lemons. heart 0
Buenos Tardes You Former Villain of the Peace. heart 0
Columbus Day. heart 0
Wish there was a way to get back home. (Boy your gonna carry that weight...) heart 0
Homeward Bound in the Autumn. heart 0
Final update heart 0