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Grampies Go Coastal Winter 2012

Cobble Hill to Points South in Winter

By Steve Miller/Grampies
2,415 km (1,500 miles) over 53 days between Dec. 6, 2012 and Jan. 27, 2013


Get Us Outta Here: Two months off the bikes is too long ...+ 3 maps added heart 1
Why Not Hawaii?: Sun and palm trees lose out to rain and cold? heart 1
Credit Card Tourists?: How much gear do we need to take this time? heart 3
ELECTRONICS: A heavy topic heart 0
The Grampies' Treasures: Avi, Violet, Amelia, and Evelyn heart 0
Two Cranky Topics heart 1
Some Quirky Gear Choices heart 0
The Equipment Bottom Line heart 0


Cobble Hill to Victoria, British Columbia: A season of calm, we hope. heart 1
Victoria BC to Sequim, Washington heart 3


Sequim to Quilcene, Washington heart 2
Quilcene to Hoodsport, Washington heart 2
Elma to South Bend, Washington: Dodie's Triumph heart 1
South Bend to Ilwaco, Washington: Thanks, Art and Mary heart 0
Ilwaco, Washington to Cannon Beach, Oregon: Busted, flat, in Cannon Beach heart 0


Cannon Beach to Tillamook, Oregon heart 0
Tillamook to Pacific City, Oregon heart 0
Pacific City to Lincoln City, Oregon: Rained Out heart 0
Lincoln City, Oregon: Hiding from a weather forecast heart 0
Lincoln City to Yachats, Oregon heart 0
Yachats, Oregon heart 0
Yachats, Oregon: Our Age of Aquarius - it's watery but not the end of the world. heart 0
Yachats to Florence, Oregon: World Fails to End heart 1
Florence to North Bend, Oregon heart 0
North Bend to Bandon, Oregon heart 0
Bandon to Gold Beach, Oregon: Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht heart 0
Gold Beach, Oregon heart 0
Gold Beach to Brookings, Oregon heart 0


Brookings, Oregon to Crescent City, California: California Dreaming heart 1
Crescent City to Orick, California heart 0
Orick to Eureka, California: The gloves come off heart 2
Eureka to Redcrest, California heart 2
Redcrest to Garberville, California: The Avenue of the Giants heart 0
Garberville to Westport, California: At home on the coast heart 1
Westport to Mendocino, California: The Fiscal Cliff heart 0
Mendocino to Fort Bragg, California: Fiscal Cliff Averted, Grampies Ride Again! heart 0
Fort Bragg to San Francisco, California: If you're going, to San Francisco ... heart 1
San Francisco, California: Make love, not war heart 1
San Francisco to Santa Cruz, California heart 0
Santa Cruz to Seaside, California heart 1
Seaside to Big Sur, California heart 0
Big Sur to Lucia, California heart 1
Lucia to San Simeon: Elephant Seal Surfari:-) heart 2
San Simeon to Pismo Beach, California heart 2
Pismo Beach to Lompoc, California heart 2
Lompoc to Goleta, California heart 3
Goleta to Ventura, California heart 3
Ventura to Malibu, California: All the diamonds in this world, that mean anything to me... heart 1
Malibu to Seal Beach, California: The city of angels heart 1
Seal Beach to San Clemente, California heart 1
San Clemente to La Jolla, California heart 1
La Jolla to Mexican Fence to San Diego heart 1
San Diego: At the zoo! heart 0
San Diego: The Zoo Part Two heart 0


San Diego to The North: Three strikes for Amtrak heart 1
Amtrak North: Life is easy in the Parlour Car heart 0
Seattle, Washington to Cobble Hill, B.C.: We survived, and had fun too! heart 3


Cobble Hill, British Columbia: Some retrospective thoughts heart 0
Facts and Stats heart 0