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From Low Bridge by Robert Ewing

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Scott Anderson commented on a photo in Prolog

Astonishing. Maybe we should have gone when we were in the neighborhood.

1 day ago
Gary Larsen commented on a photo in Equipment

Aloha, Robert. Good to see you're still riding. I recently read River Horse, by William Least Heat Moon ( of Blue Highways fame). He followed your Low Bridge route, albeit by water.
Good read!
Gary Larsen

1 week ago
Robert Ewing commented on Equipment

Yes, there are many things to learn. Like remembering water bottles need to be put back on the bike. Straps dangling from panniers can/will get caught in the breaks and dozens of other needs and concerns I do without thinking after years on the road but my freshmen charges need to learn. On the tire front we've had no flats and the crushed stone trail has tires at low pressure and need little tending. All the oversight and tour moderating has pretty much blocked out journal time but being with family on the road is its own story and hopefully told by all.
Thanks for the comments and encouragement.

2 weeks ago
Mike Ayling commented on a photo in Medina to Thayer Hill

Yes, glasses/helmet mount transfers from bike to bike!

2 weeks ago
Jacquie Gaudet commented on Equipment

I agree with Mike. Or perhaps it’s time for Walton to learn some things.

3 weeks ago
Jacquie Gaudet commented on The song that everyone remembers

I’ve never heard the song before but I think “fifteen years” suits the context better.

3 weeks ago
Mike Ayling commented on Equipment

Looks a great bit of kit but seriously can't the other four riders pump up their own tyres?

3 weeks ago
Susan Carpenter commented on Introduction

What a delight to have three generations cycling together on the Erie Canal. I rode most of the canal last June and look forward to following along.

1 month ago
Scott Anderson commented on The song that everyone remembers

This song has been on my mind often in the last month, biking along the towpaths in France.

1 month ago