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January 27, 2022

Water water everywhere

Mesa bike day #5

I feel like a broken record about the weather here - sunny, chilly mornings, warmer afternoons. But that's the story again today. 

Don was up for a another ride and was raring to go by 10:30. It was in the 50's and sunny which he was fine with. I would have preferred to wait until after 12 when it was supposed to get into the 60's but put up with the earlier start and wore some extra layers.

He wanted to check out the Consolidated Canal trail to the north of us since I hadn't ridden that section. So we found a route from here that would take us west to the trail which happened to be along bike route 3. 

It appears that the odd numbered bike routes travel east/west while the even numbered ones go north/south. A I stated before,  it would be nice if there was a published map showing  these routes as they follow quieter streets. More research on-line to do!

The bike route took us through lots of neighborhoods with different styles of homes. The faux Tudor ones in one area sure didn't match the SW styles next door!  

One development had a double row of orange, lemon and grapefruit trees ringing the homes next to the street. The trees were laden with fruit and we wondered who picked them? There was a guy spraying what smelled like fertilizer on them so obviously they were being cared for. Was this part of an old orchard or were they planted when the homes were built? Inquiring minds want to know!

Anyway, it only took us a few miles before we could access the canal trail where we turned north.  This section of the trail was as nice as further south but I had forgotten how much work it is to constantly start up the tandem after stopping at the many frequent street crossings. With our independent pedaling, my right leg is my "push" leg as I get us going again while Don is clipping in his feet. 

We followed the trail past homes, a cemetery and a stadium for the Oakland A's. It did change names past the stadium as it turned west before it ended at Country Club Rd. 

In looking at the bike map, you could continue on roads before connecting with another trail that would take you to Tempe Town Lake or the Tempe Canal trail which goes south. At the lake you could also access the Indian Bend Wash trail which travels to the north. Lots of options to explore in the future!

We turned around here and followed the Consolidated trail all the to where it goes underneath Highway 60. Don didn't want to ride further today, so we reversed our steps back to bike route 1 and soon found ourselves back in the park. 

The rest of the day was pretty mellow and other than going over to the patio to listen to the band that was performing, not much happened. Just 2 more days left to go in Arizona.

We've seen so many different types of palm trees around here. These looked like pineapples to us. And check out the saguaro shutter on the window!
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Bill ShaneyfeltThose are date palms. Thick trunks and long fronds.

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3 months ago
marilyn swettThanks Bill!
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3 months ago
As we traveled through one neighborhood, we passed this walking trail at the base of the powerline where a cactus garden had been planted.
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At the northern end of the Consolidated Canal trail we went by this baseball stadium for the Oakland A's.
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We saw a couple of these bicycle "rest stops" along the trail today. They all had shade, benches and a water fountain. I guess for when the temps are over 100 degrees?
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There were a couple of pecan trees along the canal today. We saw a guy picking these pecans up off of the ground.
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Bill ShaneyfeltA lot of pecans and fruit is wasted in the valley... Too much effort to harvest, I guess. When I was a student at ASU, I would pick up small sack fulls and take them to ASU baseball games instead of paying for peanuts.
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3 months ago
marilyn swettThat's too bad. I've been tempted to pick fruit that's on the public right of ways.
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3 months ago
A blooming ocotillo in January!! It was beautiful and covered with blossoms.
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Today's ride: 21 miles (34 km)
Total: 803 miles (1,292 km)

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