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April 22, 2022

Stompin' at the Legion

Georgia dance day

It was going to be another beautiful day here at Stone Mountain and we actually had options for our activities. Don's foot and back were feeling much better, and he said he would be up for dancing tonight. It was either that or I could do my own bike ride again. Since we haven't danced for nearly 2 weeks, I decided that would be more fun than biking up and down hills again. 

One of the dance venues we had found here is the American Legion in Apharetta. They offer daily classes and weekly social dances. I looked at the pictures on-line and it looked like a decent place to go. So we decided to check it out. 

Since the dance didn't start until 8:30, we had lots of time to spend around camp. Mostly we worked a little on packing up things since we're leaving on Sunday and just relaxing on the patio with the birds. 

It got up into the 80's in the afternoon. In fact it was so warm that I finally could shed my sweats, and put on shorts and a t-shirt! 

At 7:30, we made the long drive to the Apharetta Legion where we were pleased to see a really large wood dance floor and a nice facility. They had DJ music and we stayed for about an hour before calling it quits. Don didn't want to overdo the dancing and stress something. That was fine with me as we'd done quite a few dances. 

In fact, despite not having danced for a while, we did some of our better dancing. Including trying the new tango routines we've been working on. 

But the drive home took nearly 2 hours due construction on one interstate and heavy traffic. So we didn't get to bed until midnight! That's really late for me. But at least we got to say we danced in Georgia.

A pretty wildflower I've seen in the park.
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Bill ShaneyfeltPretty... invasive. Periwinkle. It is all over here in southeast Ohio.
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3 weeks ago
The dance floor in the Apharetta American Legion was very nice.
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