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April 23, 2022

Grab your coat and get your hat........Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street

Georgia work day

What a miserable night - for both of us! I woke up, after only sleeping a few hours, with my feet and IT bands in my legs throbbing. Even though I'd gone to bed with no pain, everything had tightened up overnight. Don also had been up nearly all night as he couldn't sleep. Both of us were very groggy and grumpy this morning. 

I had really planned to do a final ride around the park today and was even looking forward to it. But the way my feet and legs felt now, there was no way I could do it. 

So I moped around for awhile, helping with the laundry chore and going to the Walmart for more stuff. Tons of fun - NOT!

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading and trying to keep my feet up. The birds were pretty active as usual and it was so funny watching the fights for seed at the feeder. One female cowbird got into it with a dove but finally was forced off of the pan. Those doves sure are bullies!

Don worked at packing up more things and chatting with the neighbors. A couple of long fifth-wheel trailers came into the park today and we all stood around watching them try to back the monsters into these tight spots. Very entertaining, but we do try to help if they need it.

One had to avoid not only boulders, our trailer/truck, 2 trees and the neighboring RV. They made it eventually, but we were glad that we had a shorter model as it's hard enough trying to park Tango at times. And at least we don't have side slideouts to deal with. Anyway, that constitutes 'fun' in the campground!

After dinner, I took a short walk along the shore of the lake, trying to capture a nice sunset. But for whatever reason, the colors in the sky just haven't been exceptional here, although the lake was pretty. 

Tomorrow we'll be moving east toward Charleston. 

Just TRY to move me off of the food!!!!!
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Don noticed this dove that was mixed in with the Mourning Doves. Is it a different variety?
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That's yellow pollen on the lake. If you're bothered by allergies and visiting here in the spring, you'd better bring the big guns with you! Luckily the pharmacist in Tally suggested a different over-the-counter medicine that I could use which really helps me.
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The lake was pretty this evening.
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Goodbye to Stone Mountain!
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