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April 24, 2022

Just horsin' around

Stone Mountain, GA to somewhere in the country, South Carolina

We left Stone Mountain today and headed east toward Charleston. Don wanted to break up the drive so had selected a Harvest Host that was about 4 hours away north of Aiken, SC.

Part of the way we drove on the interstate but the more interesting parts were along the country roads. We drove through 2 towns that had signs stating that they had been founded in the 1780s. One had many beautiful historic homes and would have been fun to explore had we not had a long trailer behind us. 

As we had taken our time in leaving, we arrived at our host - Stable View -  about mid-afternoon. We knew this was a stables/horse farm but had no idea how large an operation this was! 

They directed us to a parking place in an open meadow under some very tall pine trees. There was a $20 cost to camp here. The other option was to just buy something like a water bottle or a T-shirt  so I selected the shirt option which had a picture of the stables on the back. 

After we got settled, which was easy since we didn't unhitch the truck or hook up to any services, I took a walk around the area. 

We're parked near one stable that had several horses that had their heads hanging out of their stalls. They were interested in me, but I stayed away. Horses have big teeth and I didn't care to get bit trying to pet one!

There are many stables located here along with several arenas, small fenced pastures and a steeple chase course. I even saw one building labeled 'kennels', so maybe they also do fox hunts here? 

Anyway, as it was Sunday, it was very quiet and we had a peaceful evening. Don had put out a small mat and our chairs so we just read while the sun set. One other RV showed up to camp but there wasn't much horse activity going on. I imagine that they host big competitions and events here.

This was the ornery one. As I walked by, it pulled the blanket hanging off of the outside of its stall and let it drop to the ground!
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The herd is checking me out - probably hoping I had dinner with me.
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Love it!
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This is their covered outdoor arena.
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And a beautiful South Carolina sunset to end our day.
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