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April 25, 2022

How low can you go?

Stable View, SC to James Island County Park, SC

We were up with the sun and out on the road by 8 as we continued our way east. 

Unfortunately our morning was marred by an incident at a gas station. Don had pulled into one by the interstate and as he was trying to jockey the truck and trailer next to the pumps, he swung too wide. 

There was a pickup parked in front of the store that had metal rods hanging out the back of the bed. The ends of the rods (they didn't have any flags on them) caught the trailer and drug all the way along the side as we passed! Poor Tango, she got quite the boo boo and now we have an insurance claim to make. 

I guess in talking with other campers, having damage like this is common and bound to happen at some point. We expected maybe hail dents, but Don's been so careful and good about avoiding hazards. Oh well, that's life. 

Don was very upset with himself, although I think it was partially the fault of the other vehicle. We may have to have some panels replaced so it could be a costly repair. Since there wasn't much we could do about it now we finished  gassing up and returned to the interstate.

It was about noon when we pulled into the James Island County Park campground which is located south of Charleston. They let us check in early and we spent the rest of the afternoon getting our site set up. We'll be here for 2 weeks.

We're officially in the Lowcountry here and it was wonderful to see live oaks dripping with Spanish moss along with blooming magnolia trees. I hope the jasmine and honeysuckle vines are also flowering!

This was our campsite at the stables. The tall poles you see are actually pine trees. They had HUGE pine cones. I picked up a few off the ground to take home.
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A nice welcome at the entrance to the stables.
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Kelly IniguezMy sympathies to Don. At least it's repairable.

Years ago, our 70ish neighbor lady across the street had a new van, which she parked in the garage backwards. They had taken the rear seat out to put some items in the van, leaving the seat against the back wall of the garage. When Mrs. Jens backed in, the hot tailpipe burned an O out of the fabric of the seat.

I asked if her husband was angry. She said no, they had been married a few years by then and realized that accidents happened. Next time he might be the one to do something and she wouldn't say anything to him.

I wonder how many years it took to reach that wisdom?

Side note - I watched a movie, Saint Ralph, on Amazon Prime that you might like. Saint Vincent is new at theatres right now, it was also good. I'm not sure what's with all of the Saint movies. Perhaps because of Easter.
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marilyn swettTo Kelly IniguezYeah, you're correct in that accidents do happen. Don's kicking himself now but eventually we'll get this dealt with. At least I wasn't driving that day! You hate to see the first dings in a new vehicle. We already have a few scratches in our cupboards where the bikes have fallen into them during a rough ride. We've learned how to pad them better now.

Thanks for the movie tip - I'll check it out.
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