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March 2, 2022

Some days are not just for fun

Naples chore day

When I woke up this morning I was dismayed to find overcast skies, cooler temps and lots of wind. Lots and lots of wind. It was chilly enough in the trailer that I kicked on the furnace for a bit to warm things up. Haven't had to do that for several weeks!

I really wanted to do a bike ride today but considering the weather and the fact that we had a number of errands to run with fewer days down here to complete them, I suggested that we just skip the ride. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny with less wind which seems more favorable conditions for riding. 

Don was agreeable to that so after breakfast, we headed out to get our business done. First was to pick up an Amazon order from a hub, then we went to 2 thrift stores. They were operated by a charity organization that we weren't familiar with and one of the stores was supposed to be a "boutique" store with higher end merchandise. 

I was hunting for something nice to wear to our St. Patrick's Day dances - a dress or some green jewelry perhaps. We found the prices in this store to be much higher than we wanted to pay for thrift clothing but I did find a sparkly green jumpsuit that will work for the dances. 

I do have green clothing at home but of course, didn't bring any along on this trip. In fact, I have so many fancy dance clothes at home that I'd need a whole other trailer just to hold them all! We just didn't expect to find as much dancing here what with Covid and all the shut downs. Hence the thrift store and estate sale shopping to flesh out our wardrobe.

From the thrift stores we continued over to Hobby Lobby for a couple of things as I had a necklace to fix and Don needed some poster board to make a For Sale sign to put on the generators he wants to sell. Our last stop of the day was at a grocery store to pick up things we missed getting at Walmart. 

Running around done, we headed home to have lunch. I have to say that it took us a long time to do these errands as trying to negotiate all of the traffic down here is a nightmare since we're not familiar with where things are located. Despite using our GPS guide, Don kept making wrong turns and we'd have to back track. We're looking forward to returning to quieter country!

This evening we decided to eat out again on our Florida fish tasting quest. So our pick tonight was a different place - Captain & Krewe - which was a seafood market/restaurant in downtown Naples. You pick your fish raw out of the case and then they cook it to order. I selected grilled corvina while Don tried blackened tilefish. 

This wasn't a fancy place so no flowers on the plates but the food was good. We both liked our fish but preferred the tilefish which had a slightly different flavor and firmer texture than the corvina. 

After our meal we stopped at a nearby shell store so I could look for something fun to decorate the trailer with, but didn't find anything I liked. So we just headed back to camp. 

The KOA is surrounded by swamp, and thus has some mosquitoes and no-seeums around to bite you, making it hard to sit outside on our patio. So the rest of the evening was spent indoors. The most excitement we had was when a monster sized 5th wheel trailer squeezed in next to us after dark. 

They could barely fit in the site they were so long. Plus with their slideouts, they were pretty wide as well. Don went out to make sure they didn't run over our awning stakes and that we could still have room to get our truck out. In fact, they were so close to us that I could hear their youngest kid running back and forth inside their RV - thump, thump, thump!

The owner of the rig was friendly and apologized for infringing on our space. Apparently they are a family of 5 who are full time RV'ers, home schooling their 3 kids while traveling around the country. Not a lifestyle I'd select! 

Since we've arrived in Florida, we've seen and heard the amazing repertoire of songs from mockingbirds. I counted 12 different songs from this one!
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Interesting roadside decor in downtown Naples.
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Our dinner tonight was at the Captain & Krewe Seafood Market/Restaurant. A casual eatery, you could select your fish from the case and they would cook it to order.
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Near our truck parked was this huge bird of paradise plant that had some different colored flowers.
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There was a park across the street from the restaurant and this large tree caught my eye. I thought the things dangling down from the branches were Spanish moss, but they're roots. I have no idea what type of tree it is.
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Here's another tree planted in the park. It had these pretty yellow flowers but no leaves.
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Bill ShaneyfeltMight be golden trumpet tree.
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