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February 3, 2022

Seas the day

Scott, LA to Gulfport, MS

I was hoping to report about a bike ride from yesterday, but that didn't happen. Don wasn't up for a tandem ride and I didn't feel safe riding the roads around here on my own. They are VERY busy and narrow with no shoulders. Just driving over to Walmart was bad enough. 

We'd also thought we could do some cajun dancing in Lafayette. But the restaurant that we had gone to several years ago had closed down. That was too bad as the food was good and they had live cajun music every night. There have several dance halls in town, but mostly the music didn't start until 9 pm. WAY too late for us seniors! 

So we just hung around the trailer, researching some camping spots going forward and just generally relaxing. It was a gloomy gray day as it's the calm before the storm heading this way tonight. The noise from the traffic on the interstate next to us was deafening, so you really couldn't sit outside. It was bad enough inside the trailer. 

The next morning we awoke to another gray day but no rain which was welcome. It's no fun to try to load bikes and getting ready to travel when it's pouring out! 

By 8 we were on the road again, this time headed for Mississippi. It should have been an easy, short drive but we ran into a miles long traffic jam due to an accident on the interstate. Just crossing the Mississippi River took over an hour! The rain caught up to us just east of Baton Rouge. It was so heavy that you could barely see the highway, so Don slowed way down and took his time. 

By the time we crossed the border, the rain had stopped. We decided to get off of the busy highway and take the road that runs along the Gulf. I think we've biked this way at least 4 times and have always enjoyed it as an alternative to doing the mapped Southern Tier route. 

It was fun to pass familiar sights  - Waffle Houses galore, and finally the ocean! But it was very foggy out with low grey clouds. You could barely see the choppy water at times. Not a good day to be out on the beach with the cold wind. 

By 2 pm we pulled into the Gulf Beach RV Resort and other than being located across the street from the beach, isn't what I'd call a resort! They said they had a restaurant on site but it's only another Waffle House. Nope, not a good choice. The spots are also close together and Don had a heck of time backing the trailer into our site. Luckily another camper came over and helped us which was great. 

But Don finally got us situated and hooked up. We'll be here for 4 days and hope to get some dancing in. Other than being on the shoulder-less highway that runs along the beach or riding the beach sidewalk, there isn't good biking close by. Maybe we can find something. 

Not that we'll be biking what with the weather forecast for the next couple of days. Heavy rain is predicted for tonight and tomorrow, with a high of 45 degrees Friday. That's pretty cold for this area! 

Who knew we were staying at the boudin, "BOO-dan", capitol of the world! One of these days we'll have to try this traditional Cajun dish. You can buy them in the grocery stores here or at one of the many boudin restaurants. It's sausage made with cooked meat, rice and seasonings. Normally stuffed with pork, you can also get chicken, crawfish or alligator.
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Crossing the Mississippi River near Baton Rouge took over an hour because of a massive traffic jam on the interstate. At least it slowed us down enough that I could take pictures out of the window.
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It would have been hard to navigate a boat on the river with this thick mist/fog.
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