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March 31, 2022

Nothing in the world is friendlier than a wet dog

Riding out the storm

I woke up this morning to Tango rocking and rolling as the gusty winds buffeted us. At first there wasn't any rain but when it came, it just poured. 

The news was reporting that there was a tornado watch in this area, but fortunately we never had any here. I mean, where in the heck would we take cover? Not in our closet, that's for sure! 

Maybe the campground had a spot for the campers to go. I remember being at a KOA in Oklahoma when we rode Route 66 that had a basement room for their storm shelter. Holing up there was an experience we'll never forget. 

Anyway, there wasn't much we could do about the weather so we just hung out inside the trailer doing more research on our travels north. I think we've come up with a better plan, but that's always subject to change:) 

By noon, the storm had moved and the rain stopped, so we did our grocery run. By the time we got out of the store, there were blue skies and sunshine. That was nice to see, but it was quite hot and very humid out. Plus the pollen count had skyrocketed which really aggravated our allergies. 

This evening we had another shag class which helped reinforce the basic steps but also boggled my mind with some of the variations. This is our last class in Tally, but we might have the chance to do other classes as we move north since there are shag clubs in Georgia and the Carolina's. 

It looks like a roller coaster with the weather over the next few days, so who knows whether it will be rainy or nice. I guess we'll just take it day by day.

Our campground has some nice flowering plants on their grounds. This one looks like an iris.
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Bill ShaneyfeltYellow flag... among many other common names.
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1 month ago
marilyn swettThanks Bill!
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1 month ago
The other night we tried our hand at grilling an octopus. The first step is to tenderize it by pounding the heck out of the tentacles. Don did that outside on our picnic table as it was pretty messy!
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