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January 1, 2022

Happy New Year!

Apache Junction

I wish everyone well in the new year. Especially all the people that lost their homes in that devastating wildfire near Boulder, including my sister and her husband. Their beautiful home was burnt to the ground and they lost everything, but fortunately they are both safe and have good insurance which will help them through the lengthy rebuilding process. 

We both slept late tonight despite having woken up at 2 am when I got up to use the bathroom and discovered that we had no heat! We were out of propane in one tank, so Don had to go outside and switch the tanks. Why does this always seem to happen in the middle of night?! Sigh.... the joys of RV'ing!

 I was woken up one more time when I heard heavy rain on the roof and strong winds blowing outside. Wow - when it rains here it REALLY rains! Sure glad the furnace was working now.

We had a leisurely breakfast then spent the morning doing our grocery shopping. Our first stop was at a market near us that I had found on-line that advertised good produce prices. 

It was a small market but had some of the best prices and selection we'd seen of produce along with other foods like dried beans and rice. We probably bought too much stuff, but it all looked so good. We'll definitely will be back again.

From there we continued to Walmart and then Ace hardware for a part. By the time we got back to the KOA, it was noon. 

The rest of the day was spent cleaning up camp from all of the rain. It was a mess but at least the sun was out today and it looks like it's warming up through the week. We'll be here until Wednesday so maybe we can get some biking in.

Still can't get pictures to load yet so check back.

A neighboring RV'er called this the "foo foo" spot! Hey, it was the only one available, but it is pretty nice and handy to use their grill.
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Scott AndersonThat’s such awful news about your sister’s home, Marilyn. Thank heavens they made it out safely, but it must be so traumatic for them.
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7 months ago
Kathleen JonesThat’s awful news about your sister’s home. Sending best wishes to her and her husband.
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7 months ago
marilyn swettTo Scott AndersonThanks Scott. I think they are both in shock now as they literally made it out in just minutes with little more than a few clothes, meds, computers and a few family pictures. There is nothing left of the house but ash and debris but you never know what you'll find that's survived the flames. They are now focusing on the rebuild and dreaming of the type of house they want.
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7 months ago
marilyn swettTo Kathleen JonesThanks Kathleen. This is a such a sad time for sure and I can't even imagine what that area looks like. People say that it's like a nuclear bomb went off, leveling so many homes. But my sister is already moving forward as they dream about designing and building their perfect home.
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7 months ago