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April 10, 2022

A walk on the wild side

Starke off day

What a bummer of a day! I had expected us to do another nice bike ride out in the country but Don woke up hobbling around with a sore achilles tendon. He's had problems with it before, but this time it seemed to come out of nowhere with no warning. Although he did mention that last night he'd had a few twinges, but nothing that stopped him from dancing. 

He offered to put the pedals on my bike so I could do my own ride, but I'm just not comfortable biking some of these roads and neighborhoods by myself. Since we had a number of chores to do before we leave here tomorrow, I decided to forego the ride. But it was frustrating as it ended up being an absolutely beautiful day. 

So I got my exercise by walking back and forth multiple times to the community building to do our laundry. After that was done, I defrosted the freezer. That took me up to lunchtime. 

A little excitement happened next when I tried to run some water in the sink and found out - NO water!! Now what?! Apparently a pipe had "bursted, according to the owner" and was spewing water up into the air up by the office. But the owners and their workers got it fixed within a couple of hours, so we were back in business. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent reading a book and helping Don do some of his packing up work. Later I decided to do a little exploring and check out the campground's nature trail. 

It was a pretty walk that went out in the woods next to the KOA, and I enjoyed hunting for mushrooms and other interesting things. It was shady and pleasant in the trees. There were giant ferns and lots of rustling in the leaves - birds maybe? 

But I turned around when I found water covering the trail along with hordes of hungry mosquitoes. I practically ran back to the sunshine in the open area! 

Back in camp, I relaxed some more until dinner. Tomorrow we move on to the Peach State and finally can put a new sticker on our US map! 

Our next destination is Stone Mountain near Atlanta which will take us a couple of days of travel, so don't be surprised if I don't post an entry until we get settled again. We're staying/parking at a Harvest Host winery tomorrow night and Tuesday we should arrive at Stone Mountain campground. 

They're coming! Finally we're seeing buds on the magnolia trees and a scattering of open flowers. One of my favorite Southern trees!
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At the back of the KOA was this little pond that even had an island in the middle.
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An inviting looking trail.
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But I soon came across this lake covering the path. Nope, not going to do a Scott and Rachel and wade through it in bare feet! Especially not with swarms of mosquitoes attacking me!!
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Scott AndersonWe wouldn’t either!
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1 month ago
Hello there! In the sun, there were lots of different colored dragon flies fluttering among the flowers.
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Bill ShaneyfeltWanted to ID the dragons, but there are over 130 species in FL! And it is kind of hard to figure them out with all the variability within a single species. Great to see the photos though!
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1 month ago
marilyn swettWow - 130 species! Who knew? They're hard to take a picture of as they constantly move about.
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1 month ago
Not the best picture, but this one had blue wings.
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The woods reminded me of those around Kate's Fish Camp in Gainesville. I saw some mushrooms and a wide variety of lichen.
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Poor Tango has stayed so long in Florida that she's got Spanish moss growing on her awning!
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