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January 14, 2022

1,2,3,4,5,6 repeat

Tuscon dance day

It was quite a different day today with grey clouds overhead that looked like rain, although nothing fell here. But we skipped the riding again as we're going dancing tonight.

We didn't do much other than make a grocery run. Don reorganized the bed of the truck and put away a few things. Later he dumped our grey/black water tanks. We tried to sit outside on our patio area but it just felt too cold with no sun. Even the birds weren't very active.

After a quick dinner and all dolled up again, we headed into central Tucson to another dance studio. It had the smallest floor of the 3 studios we've danced at down here, but we find that the other students and instructor are friendlier. 

They welcomed us to the facility and said we could join the class if we wanted as it's included in the cost of the dance. We chose to just watch since it's too hard on our legs to do an hour class followed by a 2 hour dance. Plus they rotate partners which we see as hazardous considering the spread of omicron. She did teach a new waltz move that we'll add to our routines. 

We had an enjoyable night and even got a nice compliment on our dancing from the instructor. The dance ended at 9 and we stayed until the end before heading home. One more dance to go tomorrow!

Another pretty sunrise!
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Here's Don making the "honey pot" run to the dump station. This is a tote that holds our grey and black water waste. We drain the big tanks on the trailer into this smaller one (it took 2 trips) and hand roll it to the station. The tote can also be hitched up to the truck. It's easier than hitching up the trailer and moving it just to dump waste, then returning to the site.
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We've had some awfully frosty mornings here in the park with temps around 32 degrees!
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