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January 13, 2022

Two left feet

Tucson dance day #3

Today turned into one of the nicest days we've had down here but we couldn't take advantage of the warm weather with a ride as we're dancing tonight. So we did some needed chores instead.

After breakfast, Don took our huge pile of dirty laundry to a nearby laundromat and did another run to the Amazon hub at the convenience store down the road. It's definitely been a convenient way to order things on-line but you're limited on the size of the item as their storage boxes aren't that big. 

The washing took a long time as we had several loads so Don wasn't finished until nearly noon. (I hate going to public laundromats about as much as grocery shopping, so I'm glad Don volunteered for this chore). After we had something to eat, we drove over to the Western National Parks store to see what type of books they sold. I wanted some better plant books and they had a lot to choose from. 

They had a couple of nice ones on wildflowers and the saguaro cactus that I bought. Don got a hat that was on sale while I also picked up some fun socks that I can use when biking that had saguaros on them. (can you see a trend here?!) This is such a fun store and I was so tempted by many things, but restrained myself.

Once we returned to camp, we took our showers and relaxed in the sun for a bit, then got ready for the dance tonight. We're going to the monthly senior dance held at the Tucson Women's Club. 

The dance was fun and we picked up a new tango move from the class. But I think we both had 2 left feet as our dancing wasn't the best! Don blamed the unpredictable dancers around us as he couldn't tell which way they were moving. 

It was a lot like being at home with groups just standing in the middle of floor talking to each other and others moving at random all over the place. However, there were some good dancers and like us, they modified what they were doing. 

But we persevered and eventually things smoothed out as couples left the floor. We stayed until the drawing and Don won $20! He's a lucky guy as he won the drawing last year when we were here plus he also won free tickets to a dance we attended while in Mesa. 

Our legs gave out after a couple of hours so we headed home. We've got more dancing planned for the next 2 days.

Another beautiful sunrise over the Catalinas
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Here's our solution to keeping the bird food out of javalina reach. Seems to be working as we've seen no evidence of the little buggers around the camp.
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