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January 15, 2022

Practice makes perfect

Tucson dance day

I'm sure all of you are wondering when we'll get back to biking, but not today as we have one more dance to go to tonight. And it would have been a pretty day for riding. Oh well.

Since we had run out of propane again last night, we had to go refill one tank at a place we found up the road in the town of Catalina. So that job was first on the list to do today. Once we had that completed and since we were already on the road, we stopped at a couple of estate sales near us in the Sun City area. 

The first sale was a bust with neither us finding anything useful. But at the second one, Don was rummaging through the closet and pulled out 2 black tux jackets. One was a set of tails and both fit perfectly! Wow, what a find! And a bargain too! 

He already has black tuxedo pants that he brought with us but hadn't brought the tux jacket with him on this trip. And he also didn't have a black set of tails at home. So I talked him into buying both since we could have the opportunity to attend some balls and he only had his white tux jacket with him. I told him we could make room in the closet. 

Except for a couple of necklaces that I bought, we didn't find anything else. But we both walked out of there with smiles on our faces!

By the time we got home, it was time for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent beginning to pack up our camp in preparation for leaving tomorrow. As we were doing that, a neighboring camper stopped by and commented that he would miss seeing our colorful palm tree. It's kind of silly but does light up our area at night.

This evening we headed to one of the dance studios to attend a dance hosted by the Tucson USA dance club branch. There were a few more people there but this studio has the largest floor so it wasn't an issue. 

We enjoyed the evening and even though this was the third day in a row of dancing, we thought we danced our best. They had a class in tango prior to the dance and we picked up another new move to work on. 

But by 9 pm we were more than ready to head home. Need to get a good night's sleep before our move day tomorrow!

Don strutting his stuff in his new tails!
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