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June 14, 2021

Day 33 - Eureka, KS to Hesston, KS

Carry on my wayward (pronoun)

I didn't sleep much last night. I kept feeling like bugs were biting me and crawling all over. It didn't help that we found a tick on mark while swimming yesterday. It also got cold last night. Must have been in the 50s and I put on some thermals, but eventually had to steal Mary's sleeping bag. I think I might have to get a light bag for Wyoming. Maybe I'll find something in Colorado. The day started well and Although we had headwinds today, we made good time to cassoday where we stopped for lunch at a convenience store that serves food.

Downtown Eureka
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We started carrying 3 bottles of water for the rides since yesterday we were all dehydrated. Mary and I also decided to just eat food we brought instead of planning on having something at the c stores. We think yesterday's lunch at the lizard place set us back with too much salt. We were feeling good though and set off for the next 40 miles. It was getting hotter though; the weather app said it would be 92 today and that it would get hotter as the week goes on.

Crazy looking electrical
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Our plan is to just take it easy and try to be done riding by 3. Today was an exception since there was a warm showers host that Mark was familiar with. While on 150th street - we were on this all the way to newton - a pole worker flagged us down and have us some ice cold waters. That really helps out when all you have to drink is hot water. About 20 miles past that, Mary and I stopped to get some sunscreen and a homeowner walked a couple more water bottles out to us. Each time we drank the whole thing, and we still haven't peed that much. you really have to stay on the water game out here. All 3 of us stopped about 4 miles out of newton to break and then had a really tough ride into newton. The cars were dangerous, we were tired, and the road was awful. Newton is maybe the "Newtown" but it has the old roads. Earlier mark was listening to an eckhart tolle book and he talked about human disorders of the spiritual mind. I think cities increase this disorder because out in the country, people will pass kindly (mostly), but near a city, they start to do really dangerous maneuvers. Mark stopped at a braums for ice cream and we went to a Kroger (Dillons?) to get snacks for tomorrow. I about died in the parking lot, but after sharing a full size orange juice with Mary, we powered on the last 8 miles to hesston. Mary led the way, powered by a mild case of heat stroke. We were averaging 17 mph those last miles. Before we knew it, we had arrived. The hosts, Todd and Julie, are friends of a friend of Mark's and they booked off their Airbnb to let us stay in it. Not only that, but they made a vegan friendly dinner for. They just got back in town from a cross country trip today at 2, and have 2 kids -Aria and Eliya-  who had baseball games at 7 tonight. After showering, we ate so much food and chilled out with their dog Journey.

Journey has alot of energy. I'll have to harness some of this
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We stayed up untill 11 talking and hanging out. We were half zombies after 86 miles in 96 degree weather but it was so worth it. 

Altitude gain:2200

Today's ride: 86 miles (138 km)
Total: 1,780 miles (2,865 km)

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Jeff LeeI'm enjoying the journal - thanks for writing it!

Based on my own experiences, I do think you'll definitely want to get a sleeping bag once you get past, say, Pueblo, Colorado ;)
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1 month ago
Jordan BucknerTo Jeff LeeThanks for the advice! Pueblo might have some good outdoor stores too...
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1 month ago
Jeff LeeTo Jordan BucknerEven though it's hot right now in Kansas, it gets surprisingly cold at the higher elevations as you go further west. I remember freezing in Guffey (my next stop after Pueblo), and I was in a cabin, not even a tent that night, haha.
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1 month ago
Andrea BrownHot tip for keeping water cold: wrap it in a jacket or other clothing and keep it in your pannier. Heat stroke is no joke, try to find hydration powders/tablets and sports drinks because once it’s in the 90s and above (110 on the asphalt road) you’re not actually going to be able to drink it off with just water.
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1 month ago