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June 13, 2021

Day 32 - Chanute, KS to Eureka, KS

Hotter than hell-o

We woke up today and out our clean laundered clothes on. I ate like 3 bagels and today was day two of bagel breakfast, which doesn't stick around long. We said our goodbyes and took a photo. I think we left a little after 8 am to head towards Eureka. We could make a longer ride, but the next town past eureka is another 30 miles. It wasn't quite as hot or humid this morning and we had a great tail wind for the first few miles.

This is pre heat of the day
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We were making good time and made it to cross timbers state park where Toronto lake resides. It was the saddest lake I have ever seen. On Wikipedia it says that it is used for flood control. We saw a ton of people with boats, but I wouldn't get in any of this water. It's all agricultural run off.

In Toronto near the lake, they have these...
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We stopped for lunch near Toronto at the lizard lips sandwich shop. It took ages to get a sandwich but we did get a free lizard. All bikers that sign the logbook get a small lizard to ziptie onto your bike.

You have to go to Kansas by bike for one of these
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Two cars in a row pulled up to get gas and the first one had a front plate that said "eat beef", the second car said "drink milk". After resting there for a while we got back into the tailwind for another 20 miles to Eureka.

The scene
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It was so hot and although I had drank a ton of water, I hadn't peed all day. We made it to Eureka around 2. Mark went right to sonic for a milkshake and we went to the grocery store. They didn't have any non dairy ice cream here in cow country, but they did have stuff for burritos, cereal and non dairy milk, and frosted apple pop tarts, which were great. I'm pretty sure it would be illegal here to be a vegan. We got back to the park and swam at the public pool. They let cyclists swim free. We showered up and made dinner, but no one was psyched to eat. I think it's the heat. The pool closed early for a kids party, so that was pretty loud but they left around 9. There were a couple of friendly loose dogs that kept coming by and we gave them water. It looked like they got loose early today and haven't had water or food all that time. I was also contacting a warm showers host in Newton, but it turns out that Mallory had stayed there and didn't recommended it. She said it was like a hoarders house and the lady never stopped talking. It was funny because our host last night had recommended we stay with her, but to be honest, our host was a bit eccentric himself. Mark had a friend who did the transam last year and recommended a different host a town over, so I think we will stay there tonight, even though it's a little farther. Tonight we are sleeping under an awning and without the tent, so it should be interesting to see how that goes..

The sleep spot. Pool is to the left of the photo
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Karyn ZizzaYou make us laugh out loud!!!
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Altitude gain:1700

Today's ride: 66 miles (106 km)
Total: 1,694 miles (2,726 km)

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