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August 14, 2021

Day 93 - Fort Casey, WA to Hoodsport, WA

The last day

Today we woke up and hurried to a ferry at 835 to find out that it was cancelled. So we chained the bike to a fence and walked the beach until the next one came at 1020. We only wanted to take the earlier one because there was a farmers market in port Townsend at 9.

Inside a wood fort on the beach. We walked back to fort Casey while waiting
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The ferry ride at 1020 went fine and the farmers market was alright too. We still needed to go to a grocery store for lunch stuff and food for dinner. We planned on making tacos and stopping at a state park on the way to our final destination. The total mileage to Russ and Trish's house was 56 and we were going to camp about 13 miles away since they were out of town until tomorrow for a wedding. We stopped at a Safeway to get items to make tacos and some hummus for lunch. We rode out of town and along a very pretty road where 20 intersects with hwy 101 near the top of the hood canal. 101 on this section of the canal was good riding and there weren't as many cars. Although 2 people screamed at us out of their window and the same dog barked at us two times. It really is disturbing to be riding along and have a surprise dog bark blast you in the ear from about 2' away. The ride was very scenic with one large hill of 800'.

We found a taco seasoning packet near here and used it in dinner
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We stopped at the top and found out that our friends would be at the house today because of a change in plans, so we decided to ride the whole way then (only 13 more miles). We continued on and stopped to pick black berries at two locations to get 2L full.

Near the canal
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Since we got a late start, we arrived at the house later than we thought we would, but earlier than our friends. They gave us the code to the door and we went in to shower before they could get home and smell us. It was a humid day and we were really dirty. We left the bikes outside. It felt weird to be done, but it will be nice to be in one spot for a while.

The ride into lilliwaup
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The end
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I plan on making a post of lessons learned and gear that worked and didn't work.

Altitude gain:3100

Today's ride: 56 miles (90 km)
Total: 4,783 miles (7,697 km)

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Mike AylingWell done!
I enjoyed your journal.

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Jon AylingReally enjoyed following along. Well done!
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