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Four Weeks in Oregon and Idaho - Summer 2006

A bodacious exploration of the west by recumbent!

By Kelly Iniguez
1,246 miles (2,005 km) over 28 days between Jun. 10, 2006 and Jul. 7, 2006
Early planning. heart 1
Route Map: Created using Microsoft's Streets and Trips heart 1
Exactly two months until departure! heart 1
One more month! Yee ha! heart 1
It's only two more weeks until we start riding? Oh, my! heart 1
Recuerdos of Whitehall, MT Thunp, thump, kablooey! heart 1
A jumble of thoughts before leaving home. heart 1
On the road in a rental truck. heart 1
Route Change.: Nothing is set in concrete. heart 1
Portland, OR - Big Eddy Park, OR (near Vernonia): Can it be true? This trip is finally starting! heart 1
Big Eddy Park, OR - Ft. Steven's Park, OR (near Astoria): A mighty fine day on the road. heart 1
Ft. Stevens State Park - Nehalam Bay State Park: A long, tough day. heart 3
Nehalam Bay State Park - Cape Lookout State Park: Another tough, but scenic day. heart 4
Cape Lookout - Devil's Lake State Park, OR (near Lincoln City): Yes, the scenery can get even better and we can have even more miserable weather. heart 3
Devil's Lake State Park - South Beach State Park, OR (near Newport): Is that sunshine? heart 3
South Beach State Park, OR: Layover day. heart 4
South Beach State Park - Honeyman State Park, OR (near Florence): No rain and a tailwind? Yes! heart 4
Honeyman State Park - Elkton, OR: Happy Father's Day. heart 4
Elkton, OR - Oakland, OR: Hello, Wayne! heart 4
Oakland, OR - Susan Creek BLM Campground, OR (past Glide, OR): Now this is bicycle touring! heart 1
Susan Creek BLM - Clearwater Falls BLM Campground: More gorgous river views - we almost forgot we were climbing all day. heart 1
Clearwater Falls BLM - Diamond Lake South Shore Hiker/Biker: Up, up, into the mountains. heart 2
Diamond Lake, OR - La Pine, OR: Out of the mountains and into the traffic. heart 1
La Pine, OR - Prineville, OR: Good bye, Wayne. Hello, rolling hills. heart 1
Prineville, OR: Layover day. heart 1
Prineville, OR - Mitchell, OR: Was I just complaining about the rain? Boy, it's hot out here! heart 1
Mitchell, OR - Clyde Holliday State Park, OR (near Mt. Vernon): Easy cruising day. heart 0
Clyde Holliday State Park, OR - Unity, OR: Can we beat the storm to town? heart 1
Unity, OR - Vale, OR: Out of the mountains for now. heart 1
Vale, OR - Emmett, ID: Goodbye, Oregon. We miss your good road shoulders. heart 1
Emmett, ID - Garden Valley, ID: What an oasis! heart 1
Garden Valley, ID: Layover day. heart 1
Garden Valley, ID - Warm Springs Campground, ID: I celebrated my birthday by soaking in the hot springs. Ah! heart 1
Warm Springs , ID - Elk Mtn Resort, ID (outside of Stanley): A 14 mile climb to the top of the pass. heart 1
Elk Mtn Resort, ID - Challis, ID: Downhill along the Salmon River. Yes! heart 1
Challis, ID - MacKay, ID: Besides the flat, climbing the pass, the headwind, and the rain, it was a good day. heart 1
MacKay - Arco, Idaho: Final day. heart 1