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January 1, 2021

Pedaling in the New Year

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Today was a social day. I ran into Scott and Rachael Anderson twice. I also saw  Hank and Brigette. 

I rode south, because I wanted an easy, deserted ride. That is not what I got. I don't know if it was a big, organized ride, or if it was groups of friends out for the first ride of the year. I saw groups of up to 10-12 riders going both directions. Today was the first time I saw large numbers of two wheeled recumbents. Perhaps ten? Perhaps ten trikes. One tandem. Two hand cycle trikes. I don't think the same ones I'd seen before. One dog in a pink stroller, pushed by a man. 

I had an invitation from the velomobile man to ride The Loop today. I had declined as his speed would be much faster than mine. The temperature was warm enough that I shed my vest when I saw Scott and Rachael. As I continued on, I considered riding the loop. It didn't take long to talk myself out of the idea. 

I stopped at a restroom that I've used before. A door flopped open as I bicycled up. A homeless man was kneeling on the floor next to several bags. Two more homeless men were standing outside. There was also a woman standing next to two bicycles. I debated asking her if she would watch my bicycle also, but I decided I didn't need to stop that badly. 

On the return trip, Rachel flew past me - "Hello, Kelly" floated behind her as she sped down the path. About a mile later Scott recognized me and pulled over. He was trying to catch Rachael and was happy to hear he was close. Off he went. I continued on, counting the miles down to the motel. I wanted to arrive, but I didn't want my warm riding in Arizona to come to a finish. Just a few miles from the motel, I heard my name called out again. It was Hank! He and Brigette had been checking out the artwork along the northern section of the path. We talked about the new bike Brigette planned to order and hopeful summer touring plans.

I've had a great two weeks. I've ridden every single day, with a total of 660 miles. My average daily mileage was 47 miles! A big thank you to Rachael for inspiring me to reach higher. I wouldn't have ridden that big of daily distance except for her steady example of setting a goal and following through.

Today's ride: 47 miles (76 km)
Total: 658 miles (1,059 km)

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Bill ShaneyfeltEnjoyed the rides! Thanks for the nature photos!
Happy New Year.
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2 months ago
Suzanne GibsonHappy to discover your journal and to follow along on your warm weather rides! Well done on reaching your goal and a happy New Year!
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2 months ago
Kelly IniguezSuzanne,

Thank you for the warm greeting. I hope you have many cycling opportunities in 2021!
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2 months ago
Rachael AndersonGreat job with putting in so many miles! I’m glad we had a chance to meet, I’m going to miss running into you on the loop. Have a safe trip home. We look forward to reading about your future adventures.
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2 months ago