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December 31, 2020

My last ride for 2020.

Taken on the Canada section of the bike path.
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Also from the Canada.
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Air Moose was stopped to use the restroom, so I got a photo. Me and several others. He’s a real celebrity.
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I like this trike’s orange fender. It must come from the manufacture with one.
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It was another chilly morning. I thought I would start off with a vest and kept it on the entire day. A little sunshine would have helped, but the day was overcast.

I wasn't even out of the motel parking lot when I saw a very small blue and yellow Velomobile pass. It must belong to a woman? 

I rode hopefully down to the end of the detour. Perhaps they are finished with paving and the road would be open? It appears paving is done, but they need to stripe the path. It is still closed. I turned around and headed west. The wind was blowing already today and I was happy to have my vest.

There were few people out, which made for easy riding. I had 7.5 miles down to the intersection. I navigated Camino de la Tierra like an old pro. The bicycle mousetrap intersection? Also no problem. Look at me go! I headed up the Canada de Oro bike path. 

All told today I saw 10-12 trikes, one tandem (Calfee Designs- a small manufacturer), one other two wheeled recumbent. One hand trike, a different man, this fellow with a white beard in the Oro Valley area.  I also saw a trike tandem, my first ever!

I also met Air Moose, the rider of the yellow velomobile I've been seeing around. We chatted for a bit. He is originally from Michigan and rode his Velo from Michigan to Tucson when he moved here. I bet that was a trip!

Today I saw four people with handlebar bags - two of those were the larger, touring type. I also saw many parks vehicles out doing parks maintenance. Perhaps 6? Two of those had giant blowers mounted on trailers, clearing off the path. I thought that clever. One was pulling a grate on the dirt adjoining the trail, smoothing it for pedestrians. Others were clearing brush and pruning. 

We have one more riding day before we leave.  Air Moose volunteered to escort me around The Loop one more time. That was really nice, but I would be far too slow for his sleek speed machine. 

We are going to load everything in the van tomorrow afternoon, ready for a quick departure in the morning. I'd like to make the 12 hour drive in one shot. That's easy to say sitting here on the sofa. Once we get out on the road, it is torture to sit for so long . . .  let's see what we do.

The big question for the moment is where to eat dinner tonight!

Today's ride: 43 miles (69 km)
Total: 611 miles (983 km)

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Scott AndersonHave a safe drive home. Are you coming back down in February?
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