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Popi goes to Cahors

Three weeks vacation including 76 th Semaine Fédérale to Saint Pourçain sur Sioule.

By Michel Fleurance
1,062 km (660 miles) over 18 days between Aug. 3, 2014 and Aug. 20, 2014
What are we going to do this year ?: well ... tri-cycling into 2 different French regions heart 1
Day 1: Saint Pourcain sur Sioule: Lapalissade et chateau au pays de Rene Fallet. heart 1
Day 2: La douce France entre Sioule et Bouble.: Small village of Charroux heart 1
Day 3: Cap sur Moulins entre Besbre et Allier.: See Rustine heart 0
Day 4: Un petit tour dans le bocage: Exhausted shoes heart 1
Day 5: Petillante balade a Vichy.: Giant picnic heart 0
Day 6: En route pour la Limagne.: Hurdy gurdy heart 1
Day 7: Saveur du vignoble: Traditional Bourbonnais hat heart 0
Day 8: Transit from Saint Pourcain sur Sioule to Leognan by car: Parade day in Saint Pourcain sur Sioule heart 1
Day 9: Leognan to Caudrot: The Bordeaux vineyards. heart 0
Day 10: Caudrot to Clairac: Lateral canal to the Garonne heart 0
Day 11: Clairac to Saint Sylvestre: Lot river a lot heart 1
Day 12: Saint Sylvestre du Lot to Prayssac: A lot of plums and some hazelnuts heart 1
Day 13: Prayssac to Cahors: A lot of Walnut trees, a lot of river bends heart 0
Day 14: Cahors to Goujounac: A lot of traffic to start with heart 0
Day 15: Goujounac to Monpazier: Bastides in Dordognes heart 2
Day 16: Monpazier to Miramont: More Bastides to see heart 1
Day 17: Miramont to Sauveterre de Guyenne: Menu of the day : tomatoes, tobacco and potatoes harvest heart 1
Day 18: Sauveterre de Guyenne to Leognan: Cycle path Roger Lapebie heart 0
Epilogue: Final thoughts: Federal week and Bordeaux, Cahors, Bordeaux heart 1