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Journal Import - My Experience (page 4)

Scott AndersonTo Suzanne Gibson

glad you got it to work, by whatever route.  I’m not sure, but the event box may not appear until you’ve already created one.  Whatever.

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1 week ago
George HallTo George Hall

Since I've learned a bit from the responses to this post, I thought I'd summarize my total export-import experience.  There are several things you need to do if you want to export everything from the other site;

1.) use the export functionality of the other site to download the bulk of your journal(s).   Jeff can import these files so that the bulk of the work is done for you - but the line is getting long and you can expect to wait a bit before that happens.  If you don't want to wait, you can create a new journal and do the import yourself, bringing in the text and photos as you would do for a new journal.  If you have your own copies of the text and photos, this might be a good option for you.

2.) if you created maps, then export the GPX files so you can re-create the maps in RWGPS or other program.  Thanks to earlier commenters who pointed this out.  Once you create the route in RWGPS, you can embed the map into your journal here.  I haven't done that yet, but I have the GPX files saved so that I can do it someday.

3.) don't forget to copy the comments from the Guestbook if you want those.  I just copied them all into a Word file for my future reference.  

Having done all this, and after checking over each day's entry in each journal to be sure it was complete (a couple of pictures didn't transfer), I deleted my journals from the other site and then deleted my account.  

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1 week ago
Suzanne GibsonTo Scott Anderson

It does appear now, but when I click it, it again takes me to the calendar where I can create a new event.

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1 week ago
Mark BoydTo Mark Boyd

I've finished copying my most recent crazyguy journal to cycleblaze and learned quite a bit in doing the copy process. The main time consumer was copying images. The thirty pages of that journal had several hundred images and, even after I figured out how to copy them efficiently, it still took over 1 minute per image.

I used ChromeOS screen capture, from my HD+ Chromebook screen. In order to copy an image from a web page, I moved the image's bottom edge, which might include a caption, to the bottom edge of the screen and, after copying the screen, used current ChromeOS's  simple image editing to crop the non image material from the screen image.  Most of the pages from that tour start with a block of text and end with a bunch of images, some of which have associated text in their captions. I just treated the captions as part of the image when copying them. Functionally, crazyguy captions are images of text, not actual text, so that is what makes sense.

cycleblaze can copy a large group of image files in one action and insert them into one of it's web pages and then you can cut and paste blocks of text above, between, or below any of the images. crazyguy images share this basic format and so do most of the web pages I created by HTML coding before I started using crazyguy so it is pretty straight forward to copy from one kind of web page to the other as long as the images are not 'taller' than your display screen height and are simply centered on the screen. I did discover some re-sizing issues with taller images.

I plan to try transferring one of my many pre-crazyguy journals next. During my first three years - 95-96-97 - of creating journals, digital cameras were not available and my first digital camera - Nikon Coolpix - wasn't good enough to replace the 35mm film cameras I used  while touring so I didn't have a decent way of creating digital mages on the road till 99.   My Summer Tour 99 journal has 55 pages formatted pretty much like crazyguy tour pages and covers roughly a 5000 mile tour loop in the US and Canada.  The route is shown on 

is the tour journal I'm copying

I'll start working on copying it to cycleblaze tonight. I figure it will take me at least a week to copy it. 

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1 week ago