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From Forgotten Tour by Jeff Lee

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Suzanne Gibson commented on a photo in Day Two: Olney, Illinois to Washington, Indiana

I remember White Castle's slogan was "Buy 'em by the sack". Many years ago. I was maybe six or seven.

2 years ago
George Hall commented on Introduction

Looking forward to following along. I have a couple of really old tours I should document someday - I don't think there were any pictures though, so that makes it even more challenging. I'm talking about 1975 - 1977 time periods when I say "old." It's funny how I can remember details of bike tours from 47 years ago but can't remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday! You put in some high mileage days on this tour - and I can definitely relate to having to backtrack due to road closures and such. Looking forward to reading about the rest of your tour.

2 years ago
Mark Bingham commented on a photo in Day One: Lebanon, Illinois to Olney, Illinois

Hard to decide where to put the pillow: under the butt or under the teeth.

I'd sleep with my head at the foot of the bed. Definitely creepy.

2 years ago
Suzanne Gibson commented on Day One: Lebanon, Illinois to Olney, Illinois

Glad you're posting this - great pictures!

2 years ago
Jeff Lee replied to a comment by Gregory Garceau on Introduction

Thanks, although I'm afraid this won't be very interesting - I didn't even write anything down in a paper journal at the time. I think some of the photos are alright, though.

I had just started using Strava when I did this tour, so at least I know for sure exactly where I rode; that might help jog some memories.

2 years ago
Keith Adams commented on Introduction

Another ride in the Wayback Machine!

2 years ago
Gregory Garceau commented on Introduction

Looking forward to it. I've revived a couple of tours from the ash heaps of my notebooks in the past and I know that is no easy task.

If you thought Facebook was an evil platform in 2016, you should see it now. Yes, I'm still there just to keep up with some old friends, but sometimes it is all I can do to avert my eyes from some of the BS.

2 years ago