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April 29, 2021

Day 74: Big Crystal Creek to Ingham

Start: 9:15am
Distance: 53kms
Ride time: 2:41hrs
Average: 20km/hr
Max: 36km/hr 
Finish: 3:15pm

There was a little rain overnight and it had stopped by the time I got up.

This rascal wanted my breakfast.
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I did give him some oat flakes. I know its wrong to feed the wildlife but I enjoy it a great deal.

Crossing Little Crystal Creek.
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For second breakfast, I stopped at Frosty Mango for another delicious mango smoothie.

Sugar cane and hills kept me company all day.
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The hills were on my left. I didn't have to climb any today. My terrain was flat.

I was delayed at this roadworks for 15 minutes.
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Crossing Waterview Creek.
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I had a yummy vegetarian lunch in Ingham.
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Veronica JoinerI am glad you love milkshakes. Keeps me in business. : )
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2 weeks ago

I could never go vegan. I love milkshakes too much.

While I was eating lunch Austin came and introduced himself. He has seen my bike parked out the front of the cafe. I guess I must look like I've just spent the morning cycling.

The poor guy started his tour from Brisbane a couple months ago and rode 117kms on his first day. 

Then he had a heart attack! Now he has a stent. 

He is planning to start the ride again after reducing the heavy weight of all his gear. I reckon he's pretty hard core. I would have given up.

After lunch I went to the TYTO Wetlands and did a 4km walk.

Everything had flooded recently so most of the birdlife has temporarily left. 

There were meant to be crocodiles but I didn't see any. It was still a nice place to walk around.

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Rita McCarthyDefinitely looks like crocodile country though. Wouldn’t advise swimming there.
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2 weeks ago
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Today's tree pic is a paperbark. Melaleuca.
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I saw two snakes on the path. They were both the same type. About 75cm long, very thin, and black in colour. They were the fastest moving snakes I've ever seen.

I manage to get a blurry pic of one as he was escaping. He's in the top of the pic.
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Bill ShaneyfeltBetween your description and the photo, thanks to searching the internet, this one might be a black whipsnake.
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2 weeks ago
Vince McCarthyThank you Bill. Well identified. It looks just the same as what I saw. Cheers.
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2 weeks ago

Edit: Bill later identified this as a whip snake. Thank you Bill!

I think this is a black-faced cuckoo-shrike. It's the only bird I could photograph.
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Cheryl IvesYes agree, nice shot!
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2 weeks ago

Black-faced cuckoo-shrike.

I checked in to the Ingham Tourist Park. 

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The lunch food was really yummy so I bought more vegetable delights from them for my dinner.

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Today's ride: 53 km (33 miles)
Total: 3,608 km (2,241 miles)

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