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April 28, 2021

Day 73: Bluewater to Big Crystal Creek

Start: 8:45am
Distance: 52kms
Ride time: 3:31hrs
Average: 20km/hr
Max: 38km/hr 
Finish: 12pm

Today's road pic.
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With hills off to my left.
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Pineapple plantation.
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Crossing Rollingstone Creek.
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Crossing Crystal Creek.
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Near Crystal Creek was another big mango. The shop is called Frosty Mango.

My phone was on the tripod, on top of my bike. I took the pic with the remote.
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Annie O'SheaLove it can almost see a similarly
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2 weeks ago
Rita McCarthyYes definitely a match. Great to see the cheery smiles.
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2 weeks ago
I had apple pie and a large mango smoothie for lunch. I also bought a large bag of dried mango.
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After my nutritious lunch, I turned off the highway and went west for 5 kms to the Paluma Range National Park. 

Inside the park is the Big Crystal Creek camping area.

Yesterday, the plasma donation centre was at the hospital. When I returned to my bike after the donation, a Dr was checking out my bike. We spoke briefly and he told me about this camping spot.

I'm happy he did, it is a nice place.

The swimming spot is called Paradise Waterhole.

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The are no crocodiles here and it's safe to swim, so I jumped in. The water temperature was invigorating and I was able to stay in for 10 minutes until I began to get cold.

I had the swimming hole all to myself. As the name suggests, it was crystal clear water.

Tonight's accommodation. A bargain at $6.75!
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Andrew HaycraftCertainly a better price than u were paying further down Vine, nicer too with the swimming holes
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2 weeks ago
Vince McCarthyI must have jinxed myself because tonight I paid $45!
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2 weeks ago
Rita McCarthyI suppose the prices balance out in the end. This is a great spot. $45 dollars without power?? That’s cruel!
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2 weeks ago

You have to book online (which isn't convenient for cycle tourists). Lucky this was a planned stop for me so I booked it last night when I had good phone reception. 

There is water here, toilets, and cold showers.

There are two other campers here.

There were several brush turkeys constantly roaming about.
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They are just as game as a bin chicken so don't leave any food unattended here.

I had a salad sandwich for dinner which I bought at a servo earlier in the day.

Phone reception is poor so I'll update this blog tomorrow. 

Today's ride: 52 km (32 miles)
Total: 3,555 km (2,208 miles)

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