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February 20, 2021

Day 6: Molong to Wellington

Start: 6:30am
Distance: 75kms
Ride time: 4:30hrs
Average: 17km/hr
Max: 42km/hr 
Finish: 2:45pm

There was little traffic during the night and I slept well. It was a little cool in the morning and I even wore my jumper for a while. (I've only used it twice and it takes up a lot of space, so I will give it to Serena when I see her tomorrow.)

I saw this guy when I was leaving Molong.
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He looked familiar and then I remembered I had seen him on Graham's journal. 

Graham's journal

Farmers need climate action
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Steer paddock
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Scenery for most of the day.
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The topography was mostly flat and there was little wind. It was hot yet I still made pretty good time. 

10kms before I arrived in Wellington, were the Wellington Caves. 

This is a Diprotodon. It was first discovered in the Caves in 1830. It became extinct only 44,000 years ago. 


It's like a giant wombat.
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I went on a small guided walk in the Cathedral Cave.

The cave was used as a church and one of the stalagmites was used as an altar. The altar was last used in the 1960's.

The cave is still used for weddings.
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It was a mild 18C in the cave. When I came outside it was 32C. It was a hot ride into Wellington. 

I found a way to ease the pain.
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Veronica JoinerLove the face.
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2 months ago
Rachael AndersonLooks like a great way to cool off!
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2 months ago
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My campsite is 50m from the train line.
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Today's ride: 75 km (47 miles)
Total: 390 km (242 miles)

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