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February 21, 2021

Day 7: Wellington to Dubbo

Start: 6:20am
Distance: 58kms
Ride time: 3:37hrs
Average: 16km/hr
Max: 37km/hr 
Finish: 10am

Thankfully, there were no trains during the night. The road to Dubbo was mostly flat. 

It was a fine morning to be cycling.
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These guys were enjoying the morning sun. Galahs are very common in Australia.
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Mailbox art.
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I stopped in Geurie for my first coffee. 

This scar tree had been relocated to the local park. The sign said the placement was approved by the Wellington Valley Wiradjuri Elders.
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Scar tree

It's a blue tree in the middle of nowhere.
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People paint trees blue to bring awareness for mental health.

Their mission is to help spark difficult conversations and encourage people to speak up when battling mental health concerns.

Blue Tree Project

Wind power turned solar power.
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I made it to Dubbo well before the temperature hit 35C.
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I spent a few hours having lunch and sitting in the shade reading my book.

I saw this lovely flowering gum tree in someone's garden.
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It's been a moderately hard first week. I feel like my fitness has increased. And I could have done more training before I departed. 

It's been hot. I've been carrying 4 litres of water each day. I will need to carry more when the topography gets more hilly. 

Serena has driven to Dubbo to do touristy things for a couple days. It was very nice to see her again. 

Drying the morning dew off the tent in the hotel car park
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No tent for a few nights!
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Today's ride: 58 km (36 miles)
Total: 448 km (278 miles)

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