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February 22, 2021

Day 8: Rest day

Today Serena and I went to the Dubbo zoo.

It is a huge 300 hectares. You can ride your bike around it but it was forecast to reach 35C so we elected to drive.

Some highlights:

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Meerkat is cable of killing a cobra.

White rhino
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The White Rhino can ran at 50km/hr.

This hippo had to eat his lunch before the cockatoos stole it.
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The closest living relative of the Hippos are whales.

Emus can reach 1.9m in height.
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The male emu incubates the eggs and nutures the young.  I will see many wild emus on my big ride. 

It was hot going around the zoo. Some of the animals were sheltering from the heat making it difficult to view them. 

The zoo tickets are valid for two days so we decided to depart and return in the cooler morning with the hope that the animals will be more active. 

We took a short drive out of town to see some interesting indigenous grinding groves on the banks of the Macquarie River. 

Terramungamine Rock Grooves
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We then returned to the nice aircon hotel.

I did some bike adjustment. My bike flag was restricting the view from my helmet mirror so I moved it more to the left side of the bike. It's only held on with cables ties. 

The bolts on my rear bike stand had come loose. This has been a recurring issue. Sometimes the bolts have just snapped. I now have stainless steel bolts which seem to be stronger than the usual bike bolts. 

I took the bolts out and put locktite on to prevent them coming loose again. I hope it works because I use the stands all the time. (I have a stand for the front wheel too which makes the bike very stable with a lot of weight.)

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Steve Miller/GrampiesWe have been looking for a front stand for quite awhile. Could you post a photo of yours ? Loving your journal so far.
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