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March 26, 2021

Day 40: Tin Can Bay to Maaroom

Start: 5:40am
Distance: 65kms
Ride time: 4:01hrs
Average: 16km/hr
Max: 53km/hr 
Finish: 1:30pm

I was up earlier than usual so I could be at the dolphin feeding at 6:45am.

There was a crowd of about 40 people. It costs $10 to listen to a talk while watching the dolphins swim around and then you get to feed a dolphin 1 small fish.

Dolphin volunteers giving a talk.
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The dolphins are wild and so it's uncertain how many will show up each day. 

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Today there were 6, including Shannon who is only 2 weeks old.

It was pretty awesome watching the dolphins and especially the baby swimming circles around and up and over its mother.

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They are Australian humpback dolphins. They were only scientifically described in 2014. They are river and estuarine dolphins. 

I got to feed Harmony who is 20 years old.
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Andrew HaycraftAwesome Dolphin pics Mate
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1 month ago
Vince McCarthyHi Andrew,

Thank you. It was pretty awesome. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip.
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1 month ago

Unfortunately we weren't allowed to swim with them or pat them or cuddle them.

This guy wasn't part of the show yet he was always close by begging for a free fish. His legs are fine, he's just choosing to stand on one foot.
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Bill ShaneyfeltIs that a pied cormorant?

That picture is exquisite!
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1 month ago
Vince McCarthyThank you Bill. Yes, you are correct. I had identified it in the text after the photo but you must have missed it in your eagerness to identify it yourself? Thanks Vince
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1 month ago

He is a pied cormorant. Pretty common in Australia. 

It was a great start to the day!

Once on the road, I was back in pine forest plantations.
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It continued for the whole ride until I was 4kms from my destination. 

Lots of timber plantations means lots of log trucks.
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They were all good drivers and didn't give me any cause for concern.

It was a pretty boring ride because of the plantations. I listened to some music to pass the time.

Passing the Poona National Park just before arriving in Maaroom.
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There isn't much here, a few houses, a boat ramp, and the park.

The Great Sandy Strait.
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The Great Sandy Strait.
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I arrived at the Maaroom Caravan Park feeling pretty hot and tired. I think I was feeling the effects of yesterday's big ride and having to wake up early this morning.

The owner was very friendly and said I could 'camp anywhere mate'. 

I put up my tent so it could dry from this morning's dew. Then I jumped in the pool to cool down.

The nice afternoon breeze reduced somewhat while I was writing this. Then I was savagely attacked my mozzies and midges. I put on insect repellent which only slowed their attack a little. My only reprieve was inside my tent.

Today's ride: 65 km (40 miles)
Total: 1,988 km (1,235 miles)

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