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March 25, 2021

Day 39: Boreen Point to Tin Can Bay

Start: 7:40am
Distance: 85kms
Ride time: 5:31hrs
Average: 15km/hr
Max: 55km/hr 
Finish: 2:40pm

I was woken during the middle of the night by rustling sounds.

This cheeky possum was munching on my apples.
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Rachael AndersonGreat photo and story!
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1 month ago

I tried to shoo him away but he wasn't keen to leave. I rolled an apple along the ground and he chased after it like a puppy chasing a ball. Then he ran away into the darkness with it.

I guess it was my fault as I hadn't secured the top of the pannier. After this incident I put my food panniers inside my tent. 

I slept well as my mattress didn't deflate at all. I had thought there was a hole somewhere but I was way wrong. It was my fault all along. The valve on the mattress isn't a simple valve and I just wasn't closing it properly.

I feel like a fool but I'm happy the mattress works as intended. It is very comfy and I would recommend it especially as it's so compact and lightweight. 

Morning pic of Lake Cootharaba.
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The road leaving Boreen Point.
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I took the 'back way' to Tin Can Bay. It meant few road signs and some uncertainty. I took a wrong turn that only cost me 3kms.

After a while I hit a patch of dirt and a hill climb.
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The dirt road was only about 5kms long.

Then I saw a yabbie sculpture at a yabbie farm. Unfortunately it wasn't open to the public.
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I used to catch yabbies when I was a whipper snapper.

Down the road a bit was a tough looking kangaroo mailbox.
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I had trouble yesterday working out the distance to Tin Can Bay. I thought it was 50kms. 

The map I had wasn't very detailed and google maps was no help. 

I had already done 30kms this morning and then I saw a sign saying it was still another 50kms to go. I didn't cater enough water for this distance.

Luckily I saw this rain water tank at a roadside plant stall so I was able to get more water.
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The bitumen finished and I was on the dirt again.
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After I had ridden about 20kms on a very rough road surface, I came across a grader.
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If only they had started a few days earlier and had graded the whole road for me.
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Soon after that I turned on to the main road and lots of traffic.
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The whole area is a big pine plantation. I think it went on for about 40kms.

Eventually I made it to Tin Can Bay. 

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Tin Can Bay Tourist Park. $33.My tent is in the shade of the tree.
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I had dinner overlooking the bay at sunset.
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Today's ride: 85 km (53 miles)
Total: 1,923 km (1,194 miles)

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