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March 19, 2021

Day 33: Loganholme to Brisbane

Start: 8:10am
Distance: 34kms
Ride time: 2:19hrs
Average: 15km/hr
Max: 40km/hr 
Finish: 1:45pm

Last night wasn't a peaceful sleep. The traffic noise from the motor way never stopped. It was a loud hum all night. Sometimes trucks used their exhaust brakes.

This caravan park is 95% permanents. I feel sorry for them having to live with this level of noise.

The noisy motor way.
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I returned to the massive shopping centre from yesterday to have breakfast and replace my broken phone screen cover.

I enjoyed the aircon and took my time wandering around.

Once on the bike, there were bike paths that took me into the city. As I got closer to the city, the cycling infrastructure greatly increased. 

The signs were helpful yet I still needed google maps to navigate the areas lacking in signs.

Here's some bike path pics from the day:

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I made it to Brisbane! Well, the Brisbane River anyway. Yippee!!
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marilyn swettLove the smiley face on your mirror, Vince! We use the same mirrors. Was this refelctive tape that you cut to make the face?
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1 month ago
Rita McCarthyI’ll have to get one of those. You’re doing an amazing job. Particularly like your humour that you include in your comments. Give Serena a hug for me. 💕
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1 month ago
Vince McCarthyTo marilyn swettHi Marilyn,
They are very useful mirrors.
The tape is 3M Conspicuity. I've covered my helmet and panniers in it too.
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1 month ago
Vince McCarthyHello Auntie,

Thank you.

I'm a huge fan of helmet mounted mirrors and have used them for years. It's very easy to monitor the traffic behind you.

Serena says hi👋🏻😍
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1 month ago
This fish looked like it was made from car parts.
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City pic.
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Pic while crossing the Storey Bridge.
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I met Serena at the Apha Mosaic hotel in Fortitude Valley. 

It was great to see Serena again.

We have a big room and the elevator is big so it was easy to put my bike in the room.

We met a good friend, Mick for coffee. We used to do extraordinary things together.

Afterwards, I replaced the valve on my Thermarest mattress. Hopefully that was the cause of the slow leak. I'll find out when I sleep on it next.

Serena brought me my next map and my waterproof camera. Hopefully I'll get to do some snorkelling as I head further north.
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We had yummy Thai take away for dinner. Sorry, I ate it too quickly to take a photo.

We ate it in our air conditioned room. 

I love air conditioning. 

Today's ride: 34 km (21 miles)
Total: 1,642 km (1,020 miles)

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Graham SmithVince your timing was impeccable. You cleverly avoided the massive rainfall on the NSW mid-north coast.
The Waterfall Way Rd to Dorrigo is now blocked with landslides.
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1 month ago
Vince McCarthyHi Graham,

Oh wow. I didn't know. That was very lucky indeed. Phew!

I would have had to do a huge detour to avoid that road.
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1 month ago