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April 28, 2017

Encounter With A Dimwitted Thief in Than Hua

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This journal posting requires you to read and understand the following phrase: 'Dân Thanh hóa ăn rau má phá đường tàu'. As you may be aware, the phrase is in Vietnamese. Further, you may be aware that I am a translator. In this case however, this phrase is so important to this journal posting, that I believe it imperative that I do not translate or explain it to you. It is so vitally important, and carries such immense weight to this post, that I believe the only way that you can arrive at the full meaning of this post, is the study the Vietnamese language, then do research on the sociological, economical, and historical importance of the dire failures of Thanh Hoa Province, and how these failures effect the view of people from other provinces of the Thanh Hoans.

I jauntily step out of the small store, in the contrived manner of a dandy. My heart soars with the joy of a barn owl as the rain that was not expected today, did not pay me a visit, and I was able to get deep into the primitive out back of the province, after spend a day luxuriating in the alleged comforts of the capital city.

My jaunty feelings of joyous exuberance was quickly dispatched by the heartbreaking realization that my phone, a Motorola, was not located in a small bag, an Apidura, it normally passes the day in.

Rather than an exact reenactment of the next five minutes, let's just say, I went from dispare to a raging anger, and finally as I cycled off, a sense of relief, over the course of five minutes.
Upon reflection, the family next door to the shop, both acted, and looked, different than every Vietnamese family that I have seen. I should have realized this as I arrived at the store, but although I noticed the girl looked like a dimwit, I didn't see in her dull, lifeless eyes, the ability to not only use a zipper, but reach over a chain link fence, and use a zipper, while figuring out that the white and pink item in the bag was a Motorola telephone. I did not see this, as even a water buffalo with it's head chopped off, has more spark in his eyes than this dimwitted girl. Take a look at the dull, soulless eyes of Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump, this is the level of dimwitted, dull, ignorant savagery that I speak of.

Today's ride: 137 km (85 miles)
Total: 377 km (234 miles)

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