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April 29, 2017


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The road, if it could be called a road, was more of a path due the narrowness of it's width, which was in between a golf cart path and a single lane street, if one were to exist, although I'm not sure it would unless traffic went only in one direction, but then how would the traffic leave where it went unless of course there was another single lane road that was not connected to the first, although the second road could also be two lanes, which although it wouldn't really make sense that two roads going to, and coming from, the same place were different sizes it is possible that such an occurrence has taken place, but I have not witnessed such a thing, to the beach was straight as a chopstick, and by chopstick I don't mean an entire chopstick, unless of course you took two of them and placed them next to each other but with each stick pointing in the opposite direction, I mean the part of the chopstick before it tapers down to the end that grabs the food item you wish to eat, so picture a single chopstick cut in a way that the width is the same at the top and the bottom, and that is like the road to the beach.

The beach, did not look like the beach of my childhood, as that beach was on Hainan island, where my mother, father, and myself as I had no brothers or sisters, as didn't my friends in school, as everyone I was in grade school with was a single child, but when my family would visit Hainan Island we would visit brilliant white sand beaches that cast a pure white glare into my eyes that could only be controlled by use of protective glasses, which would make the eating of copious amounts of chicken that much easier but the the sand would stick to your fingers, and if you dropped a piece of chicken, you'd have to wash it off in the ocean, and then it would taste salty, at least the part that has touched the water, but once past that layer it would taste like chicken again, no this beach looked rather brown and dirty.

The KFC has a rather strange system of ordering and picking up your food. First you get in one line and order your food. You are then given a receipt. You then take the receipt to a second line where you hand it to a second worker who puts the order together and gives it to you.

Today's ride: 53 km (33 miles)
Total: 430 km (267 miles)

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