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From 11 Days in Vietnam by Bob Magee

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Bob Magee replied to a comment by Mike Ayling on a photo in Some Background

Thank you Mike. It was done with Facebook messenger selfie app.

There is another bicycle touring journal hosting site called ‘crazyguyonabike’, over there this photo took on a more sinister tone:

“After seeing the profile picture with a photo-shopped cat on his head gave me the creeps, knowing your history. That alone, is enough for me; the man is cruel; or just has a disturbing sense of what he thinks is humor. At best, he's just plain insensitive.”

6 years ago
Mike Ayling commented on a photo in Some Background

Nice hat, dude!


6 years ago
Andrew Fatseas commented on The End


6 years ago
Chris Wee commented on Some Background

Would love to read all of your previous rantings, ie pre Vietnam ;-)

6 years ago