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Short Time in Southern Thailand 34
11 Days in Vietnam 40


I'm Bob.  I'm retired.  I deported people for a living for 23 years but now devote my time to whatever I want.

My bicycle tours all take place in South East Asia, although I'd like to expand. 

I'm not completely sold on posting journals any more, as at times I feel it's showing off, at times I find doing things without publicizing them more enjoyable, and at times I'm just to lazy.

My goal with bicycle touring is two fold: first if I post a journal I want it to be unique I don't just want to rehash the day, it has to be more than that. I also want it to be brutally honest. Most journals that I read I can't help but wonder what is being left out, and I'm sure what ever that is is much more interesting that the bowl of noodles someone ate.  Second, I want to write a book.  It's called Savage Lands, and will be about a tour I take from China to Bangkok. I have the premise figured out, I just have to take the trip.

My goal here, when I post a journal is to exercise my writing skills, which are extremely crude, which doesn't bode well with my plans to write a book.